Things are gradually getting back to normal. “The results of the bacteriological analyzes obtained on samples taken from various drinking water distribution points in the area affected by the event of a broken pipe comply with the regulatory limits and references” reports the Normandy Regional Health Agency in a press release sent to the editorial staff on Tuesday, December 28, three days after the event which impacted part of the Alençon agglomeration.

Based on the results of these analyzes carried out on December 26 by the approved Norman laboratory Labeo, the ARS indicates that the ban on consuming tap water “for drinking” – but not for the toilet for example – is therefore officially lifted for the inhabitants of the capital Ornaise residing in the part of the district of Perseigne included in the perimeter delimited by the avenue Winston-Churchill, the road of Ancinne, the streets Jean-Rostand and Gaston-Floquet.

A “small” sector is nevertheless still completely cut off from the water supply: “The repair work on the pipeline is underway and may take a few more days,” it is reported. For now, the distribution of bottled water continues door to door for the Alençonnais concerned, and pending the results of future analyzes, subscribers in this sector will be recommended not to use running water. for the drink.