Justice Alain Delon’s paternity claim rejected in Orléans

PEOPLE Alain Delon never recognized the paternity of Ari Boulogne, son of German singer Nico

French courts confirmed on appeal that they were “territorially incompetent” to judge an application for paternity recognition addressed to actor Alain Delon, because of his place of residence, located in Switzerland. Ari Boulogne, 58, had filed an application for paternity recognition in the court of ’
Orleans (
Loiret), Alain Delon with a residence in the region.

Alain Delon never recognized the paternity of Ari Boulogne, son of the German singer Nico with whom he had a brief affair in the 1960s. As a child, Ari was however raised by Alain Delon’s own mother, Edith Boulogne, from which it bears the name.

In its decision of August 27, 2020, the Orléans court declared “the French jurisdiction to have territorial jurisdiction”. The Orléans Court of Appeal confirmed this decision in a judgment on Wednesday because “Mr. Alain Delon reports proof that his domicile is in Switzerland” where he has resided since 1984. He has a Swiss passport, “pays his taxes on Swiss territory ”,“ vote in Switzerland ”or even“ seek treatment in Switzerland ”, details the judgment.

“It follows that his domicile is indeed in Switzerland and not in France” and his residence in the region
Center-Val de Loire “has for many years only been a secondary residence and not its main establishment”. The court points to the “bad faith” of the appellants “when they claim that this residence constitutes an apparent domicile”. “It is obviously a question of obtaining the application of the German law more favorable to the applicants, so that the aim pursued […] is to circumvent abusively the application of the French law on the territorial competence”, estimates the court call.

“In France there is a principle of international law, we apply the mother’s right”, the German singer Nico. However, in German law, prescription does not exist for this type of legal action, explained after the first instance decision Me Christophe Ayela, Alain Delon’s lawyer. “In Switzerland, we apply the law of the plaintiff”, he had specified, therefore the French law for Ari Boulogne. “But if we apply French law, it is prescribed”. On Wednesday, Me Ayela welcomed the “wise decision rendered by the Orleans Court of Appeal”. “It is now a closed case in France,” he said.

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