This Wednesday, January 21, Anthony Delon seized his Instagram account to announce a sad news: his mother, Nathalie Delon, died at the age of 80.

Sad news for the family of Alain Delon. This Wednesday, January 21, the eldest son of the legendary actor announced very sad news on his Instagram account: his mother, Nathalie Delon, died at the age of 80. “Rest in peace. Nathalie Delon 1941-2021”, soberly wrote Anthony Delon in caption of a photo of him with his mother, adding a red heart emoji. Devastated by the disappearance of Nathalie Delon, the actor revealed that she had breathed her last “this morning at 11 am, in Paris, surrounded by her relatives” to AFP. The former wife of Alain Delon was struck down by “rapid cancer”, as her son announced. A few days ago, the two former spouses were reunited with their son. On January 11, Anthony Delon had indeed shared a tender shot of Alain and Nathalie Delon on his Instagram account. “Unswerving love. 53 years later,” wrote their sons, overwhelmed by this image.

Born in 1941 in Morocco, Francine Canovas (her real name) married young and gave birth to a baby girl. The first time that his path crossed that of Alain Delon, it was in 1962 when they met in a nightclub managed by Régine. While she had lost her handbag, Nathalie Delon asked for help from her neighbor … whom she had not recognized. At the time engaged to Romy Schneider, Alain Delon instantly fell in love with his future wife. “We were then living our story from day to day, but when we returned to Paris, I realized that I was really in love with him,” she confided a few years ago in the columns of Paris Match. At that time, Nathalie Delon did not know the relationship that the actor had with Romy Schneider. “In the meantime, I discovered his links with Romy. I told Alain that I loved him too much to share it and that it would be best if we each returned to live their lives”, she continued.

“He chose. The very day Romy arrived in Paris, we left for Mexico. He left her a letter and roses. Alain never spoke to me about her but I saw from time to time a shadow of sadness pass by. in his eyes, “Nathalie Simon recalled. A few months after their meeting, the two got married before giving birth to Anthony Delon. “Alain was overjoyed to have a boy”, explained Nathalie Delon. But a few months after the birth, their couple went up in smoke when Alain Delon met Mireille Darc. “When I left him, I left everything behind me. I left with my son and my housekeeper, that’s all,” said Nathalie Delon in the columns of Paris Match. Despite their separation, they remained very close. She was also at his bedside when he had the operation a few months ago. Because love cannot be forgotten. She will forever be the only one Alain Delon married, because, she joked “the experience was traumatic enough that he did not want to do it again”.

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News – Alain Delon in mourning: Nathalie, the mother of his son Anthony, died at the age of 80