Normally, the airshow takes place on the weekend of Pentecost. But this year, due to the health crisis and organizational constraints, the Temps des Hélices air show will take place this last weekend of August.

About a hundred planes which date, for the oldest, from the First World War, will fly over the aerodrome of Cerny-La Ferté-Alais in Essonne. “We are going to do battle simulations with planes from the 1914 war. There will always be a plane in flight, no downtime, that’s a particularity of the meeting”, explains Jean Briez, vice-president of the Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis (which organizes the airshow).

The pilots of the Patrouille de France, the presentation of a Rafale or even an A400M loaned by the French army are thus particularly expected. But the presence of the latter aircraft remains uncertain due to their use for the repatriation of soldiers and civilians from Afghanistan.

The organizers must have planned everything in a hurry. Staff will control the health pass, nurses will be stationed at the entrances and wearing a mask will be compulsory, even if the event takes place outside.

“Usually, we welcome between 25 and 40,000 people. If we reach 12,000 this year, we will be happy. Especially since we could not organize an event last year, it has represented a big financial loss. What allows us to live, it is the meeting to then make fly planes. The friendly has 29 of the hundred presented “, continues Jean Briez.

People from all over Europe flock to attend the meeting every year. Because the association has exceptional examples: a Junkers Ju 52 (a transport plane from the 1930s) with its original engines is, for example, a unique piece in the world.

The 300 volunteers of the friendly pamper these vehicles with the aim of always making them fly: “The old planes do not support hard runways, they need grass, otherwise the landing gear will break. less 200 hours of flight time to fly these planes, ”says Jean Briez.

During these two days, these pilots, private individuals or former professionals, will bring these historical pieces of aeronautics to life with a gigantic air show on Saturday from 12:50 pm.