The most chic and eccentric investigator is back! France 3 launches the all-new season 3 of Agatha Raisin worn by actress Ashley Jensen, with on the menu: haunted mansion, frenzied tangos, thwarted love affairs and doctored barbecues.

Adapted from the detective novels signed Marion Chesney alias MC Beaton (deceased in December 2019), the English series, created in 2014, features Agatha Raisin, in her fifties, a former London public relations manager who became an amateur detective in the English countryside where she has forged a solid reputation as an impetuous woman. “Agatha does what she wants and says what she wants. She doesn’t like being wrong, especially in front of a man, ”sums up her interpreter, Ashley Jensen.

With four 90-minute episodes in all, this new season has one more than the previous two. In the first plot, Agatha inaugurates her new detective agency, installed in an abandoned chapel and filled with very colorful decorations like her inimitable outfits. Eternal romantic, she spins more than ever the perfect love with James Lacey (Jamie Glover). Note that the fine team of Agatha will find a new assistant after the first episode of this season 3.

Entitled “The Haunted House”, the first episode is well representative of everything that characterizes this series between thriller and comedy. Entertaining and light, the plot takes us to a mansion plagued by paranormal activity. Agatha and James spend the night there Scooby-Doo style to find a rational explanation for these phenomena. Between murders and treasure hunts, they will not be outdone.

Thanks to the talent of actress Ashley Jensen (seen in Extras alongside Ricky Gervais and Ugly Betty), Agatha is a very endearing and likeable fictional character. Always very sophisticated, with her vermilion lipstick and plunging blonde bob, she’s not a penny-pincher.

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Entertaining and rhythmic, the series can be watched without necessarily having seen the previous seasons. The lead actress loves to slip into her heroine’s colorful outfits. For her, performing it is “an absolute joy. I’ll play it until I’m no longer in stilettos, but maybe with a walker! ”She told the Los Angeles Times.