Drafted in 6th position in the last draft, Josh Giddey has never ceased to impress since the start of the season. While he didn’t necessarily always find his rhythm in his first four games, being sometimes awkward on shooting, he was however always versatile, contributing to the rebound or the pass for example. And while the Thunder, still in its reconstruction strategy, had lost its first four games, we could see the best collectively during the defeat against the Warriors. And last night, against the Lakers, and with a deficit of 26 points which is moreover, OKC notched its first victory of the season. And the Australian rookie largely contributed to this first success with 18 points, 10 assists and 2 rebounds at 7/13 shooting. Present in the money-time, where he was decisive with an assist at 31 seconds at the end in particular, he confirmed all the good attitudes seen in his game. With his double-double, he made a place for himself in the game. history by becoming the second youngest player to distribute 10 NBA assists behind LeBron James. Yet even though he is aware that this performance is not trivial, he only retains the victory.

” It is special. But for me, what matters is beyond the stats. Tonight I would have preferred not to score any points and win rather than have big stats and lose the game. For me, the important thing has always been to win games and I’m glad we got the win. Josh Giddey

For his coach, who decided to trust him to go for the victory, Giddey was perfect in his role. And as Mark Daigneault says, it was his will to see him do that, a great show of confidence.

“He was the catalyst for our ball movement and that’s something we asked him to do. Mark Daigneault

Above all, Giddey shows great maturity on the pitch. And he knows very well how to use the qualities of his teammates to develop his game, especially Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the leader of this young Thunder team.

“Obviously we have Shai getting a lot of attention so sometimes it’s good to have other guys involved because the defense is so focused on him there’s a lot of free space and possibilities. for other guys to do things. When they give me the ball in this situation, I think it’s good for me, because like I said they are so focused on him that it allows me to have spaces to go all the way to the circle. or find my guys for shoots. Josh Giddey

With 10.8 points, 6.2 rebounds, 5.6 assists and 1.2 interceptions per game, all at 44.9% shooting Josh Giddey clearly made his debut in the NBA in a franchise where he will have little of pressure this season. His agreement and association with Gilgeous-Alexander are so far very pleasant surprises this early in the season. So if we don’t win much, here’s a glimpse of the sun in Oklahoma.

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