A thousand people gathered this Sunday, September 5, at the call of the collectives of the fight against Bassines, in Saint-Sauvant in the Vienne.

The basins, this productivist, anti-ecological project, is rejected by thousands of inhabitants, small farmers, elected officials. For NPA activists, these basins represent, on several levels, the capitalist society that we reject. The basins symbolize the privatization of water by a small minority of large farmers. And this storage of huge amounts of water has negative consequences for the environment: the drying up of water tables and rivers, amplification of droughts and destruction of wetlands.

Moreover, comrades from Deux-Sèvres, Vienne and Charente were there, with Philippe Poutou, our spokesperson and presidential candidate, to show our solidarity. Let us also note the presence of the ecological mayor of Poitiers, Léonore Moncond’huy, of the deputy of rebellious France, Mathilde Panot, and dozens of activists from the Confédération paysanne, Attac, EELV, Extinguishing Rebellion, local elected officials.

Together, red and green flags in the wind, behind the giant puppet Lili from the company L’homme standing, we went to plant pigouilles on the site where a basin is to be set up to mark our opposition.

For peasant and organic agriculture, for public water as a common good, for the protection of ecosystems … The solution is a revolutionary change in society, an anti-capitalist and ecosocialist solution.

It is through our struggles, to all of us, that we will be able to impose this change. With Philippe Poutou, and our activists, it is this alternative program that we will bring to the presidential election of 2022.

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