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Astronaut Elon Musk was fortunate enough to honor one of his heroes, Sergei Korolev, as Andrey Korolev, grandson of the legendary rocket engineer and father of the Soviet space program, hosted in California.

musk is an outspoken fan of the Soviet School of Aerospace Engineering and repeatedly voiced As With his “chief designer,” Korolev was also mentioned in the Soviet press until his identity was declassified afterwards. his death in 1966.

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Last weekend, the American businessman had the opportunity to pay some kind of tribute to the famous Soviet figure when he welcomed Andrei Korolev and his son Pavel to SpaceX’s facilities in Hawthorne, California. In the premises of the company there is already a conference room named after Sergey Korolev.

Andrei shared a few photos from the visit on Facebook and expressed his gratitude to Musk for “An unforgettable friendly chat for about an hour” and “A very nice visit” It’s him and his son.

Andrey Korolev is a prominent Moscow surgeon and was in California for a medical conference. His son Pavel resides in London, but has traveled on the tour – as has Musk, who has been in Texas since leaving California last year, to express his displeasure at the state’s Covid-19 restrictions.

Korolev said he was impressed with Musk’s down-to-earth attitude, thoughtful thinking, and personal investment in SpaceX’s success. He also suggested that his grandfather and Musk shared an aesthetic vision, both of whom believed that a well-designed spaceship could only please the eye.

In addition, Musk said that the achievements of his space foundation Rest on the shoulders of giants, among which Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, Andrei Korolev told Russian online newspaper Vzglyad.

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In turn, Korolev’s grandson praised the South African-American businessman, telling the media that Musk “A huge engineer, a brilliant manager, a man who sees two steps forward.

Korolev – who says he is a proud Muscovite “Worships” his homeland – and added that he was happy that the Russian space industry has a formidable competitor like Musk, stressing that he strongly believes that “There must be a have competition.

The lack of competition leads to irresponsibility and the urge to progress … Even in Sergei Korolev’s time, there was internal competition between different factories and design offices, which could be done better. [Korolev] He grew up in this competitive environment.

Sergei Korolev was an exceptional person, whose life was full of tragedies and triumphs. He was one of the millions suppressed by Joseph Stalin’s government and worked as a World War II inmate in a prison laboratory, designing planes for the war effort. The false charges against him were not dropped until after Stalin’s death. Nevertheless, Korolev managed to bypass all obstacles and climb to the undisputed first place in the Soviet space program.

Korolev’s legacy is cherished in modern Russia. An entire city northeast of Moscow is named after him, as well as Russia’s leading rocket maker Energia, which succeeded the Korolev Rocket Laboratory, whose full name is Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation.

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