Seventh out of eighteen after two consecutive draws, 1 to 1 in Créteil and 0 to 0 against Saint-Brieuc, the Castelroussins, who aim to return to Ligue 2, must win against the tenth Sétois. The objective of the Berri is to have eleven points at the end of this sixth day.

After two consecutive draws, Berri, given its ambitions and therefore its objectives, cannot afford to concede a third in a row against Sète, ranked tenth in the general classification. For this second reception in a row at the Gaston-Petit stadium, the pressure of the last draw against the Bretons of St Brieuc will be present. Indeed, after twenty first minutes more than interesting, the offensive players never managed to push the ball into the net.

Berri coach Marco Simone carefully analyzed the last match against St Brieuc so that his players did not make the same mistakes: “We made 38 crosses during our last match at Gaston-Petit. That’s a lot. but we were not once dangerous. So of course this week in training, we worked on the tactical positioning but also the aggressiveness that a player must put in the penalty area to tear off and especially to score . “

With 1.3 million euros of budget, Sète is doing with the means at hand while the Berrichons have the biggest budget of the hen, 7 million euros. So is the ex-Italian international once again under the pressure a few hours to receive the Hérault: “Yes indeed, there is a good sporting pressure, the group and the staff know it. We really want to take these three points to be able to follow up with a good away game against Bourg-en-Bresse. The victory is practically obligatory. It will be a special match because it is the second in a row at home and it is therefore necessary to take a maximum of points at home to have peace of mind when exporting. “

For the reception of Sète, the players selected with their respective selections are back but they will not be holders. On the other hand, the Togolese international, Gilles Sunu returns to the group, Thibaut Vargas is finally qualified. Ilyas Chouaref who wanted to leave Berri in the offseason has not yet given full satisfaction to Marco Simone who saw him play last Sunday with the reserve team which is playing in national 3. Technician Castelroussin believes he must do much more, not necessarily physically but especially mentally to hope to integrate the professional group.

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