Thanks to the rapid intervention of the firefighters, supported by significant air resources, the fire which affected the Grange Neuve estate, near houses, was quickly brought under control.

With summer temperatures and the strong wind sweeping the department on Sunday, the Prefecture had warned of the high risk of fire.

And, at the end of the afternoon, the firefighters were called by a forest fire in Peymeinade, near the area of ​​Grange Neuve and the Chemin des Saouves.

There were nearly a hundred of them there, supported by three helicopters and a water bomber plane, the flames being fanned by a strong Mistral and being close to homes.

At around 7 p.m., the fire was, fortunately, considered fixed. The securing of the surroundings is now in progress. “They are in the monitoring and control phase,” indicates the mayor of the town, Philippe Sainte-Rose Fanchine, still on site at 7.15 pm. We were lucky somewhere, because the flames left on the opposite side of the houses. and none of them were touched. “


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