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A decree published on Sunday in the Official Journal will simplify the organization of the corresponding pharmacists. He will have the possibility of renewing a treatment with the agreement of the doctor. The practice will be strictly supervised.

17 years after the establishment of the compulsory attending physician – the law dates from August 2004, the device of “corresponding pharmacist” will be able to be developed thanks to a decree published on Sunday in the Official Journal. This device will give a little more independence to the pharmacist provided the patient’s doctor agrees.

Created by the Hospital, Health and Territories Act of 2009, the corresponding pharmacist had never really taken off due to heavy protocols to follow.

The objective sought by the Ministry of Health is to improve the care of patients suffering from chronic diseases by avoiding treatment breaks.

The corresponding pharmacist will be authorized to “periodically renew chronic treatments and adjust, if necessary, their dosage”, specifies the text of the Official Journal. The prescription must mention that the pharmacist can renew or change the dosage which may be limited to part of the prescription. In the event of a new dosage, the pharmacist should inform the attending physician. The prescription, including renewal from the pharmacist, should not exceed one year. In fact, a pharmacist could already renew a prescription for a chronic disease for a month.

The Confederation of French Medical Unions (CSMF) is measured. “Adapting a dosage is a medical decision, let’s not forget that everyone has a core profession that must be respected. The pharmacist is not the one who prescribes”, explains to Le Figaro Dr. Jean-Paul Ortiz, the president. of the CSMF. The bell sound is naturally different on the side of pharmacists. “The integration of the pharmacist in the course of care is consolidating”, reacts in the Figaro Renaud Nadjahi, vice-president of the union USPO (Union of unions of dispensing pharmacists). He believes that the pharmacist is becoming “less and less merchant and more and more caring”. In recent years, pharmacists can already vaccinate against the flu, do antigenic tests or medication reviews.

Contrary to the choice of the attending physician, compulsory under penalty of being less well reimbursed by Health Insurance, the corresponding pharmacist device will not be compulsory for patients.

The corresponding pharmacist will have to be “a pharmacist holder of a dispensary or manager of a mutual pharmacy or mining relief”, indicates the text of the decree signed by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran. Pharmacist and doctor must belong to “the same coordinated exercise”, that is to say to the same primary care team, to the same center or to the same nursing home.

The patient will have to inform the Health Insurance of the choice of his corresponding pharmacist but it is the pharmacist who will have to inform the doctor treating the patient.

However, it will be necessary to review the training of pharmacists who have become supermarket salespeople and no longer relevant advisers at all. They have lost their credibility by selling perlimpine powder, sometimes up to 60% of their turnover.

This is a good initiative, in a country where too many people continually have a visceral need to see their doctor, for nothing. Paying the cost of a consultation for the sole purpose of being prescribed the renewal of a drug that must be taken for life is an aberration. Especially when it brings the expected results in terms of efficiency. Pharmacists have the skills required to carry out these refills.

After six or nine years of studies one can hope for an income equal to these said studies; no one forbids studying.

jp ros, my pharmacist has an old car, he has trouble paying the loans he took out to buy his pharmacy: he is in the country, we the old people are happy not to have miles to go to go get medicine.

It will be easier to be prescribed a renewal, the seniors are already abusing the Social Security we have not finished paying for them …

seniors have contributed all their lives, which may not be your case, and you will see later if you are lucky enough to get there.

Go even more money for pharmacists it’s a shame more with collusion with laboratories they get richer and richer! have you seen pharmacists
ride with battered small cars or tenant in a building?

But you had to study rather than roll your thumbs while waiting for the dough to fall. Ah the jealousy of those who have missed their lives!

That’s saving for the security. Paying for a consultation for an identical renewal is absurd.

The “treating doctor” here is an expression of Sarkozy’s friends which was imposed (as an official expression of the Bolshevik dictatorship UMP), an expression that all the herds took up in unison without asking the question of its relevance … Indeed the doctor is not treating, he diagnoses and prescribes! He does not perform an operation himself or treat his patients as in the 18th century. We find the same idiocy with the Judge “of detentions and freedoms” so as not to anger the herd who will hear the word freedom, for a profession whose role is to reduce it.
Clearly, you have to think the reverse of the word to have the exact definition of a political sentence. For example, “human rights” are in reality the rights of the ruler, because article 4 of human rights subjects the freedom of the people (sovereignty) to the political power which decides in its place.

Before modifying a treatment, it is the doctor who prescribes a blood test carried out in the laboratory, it is according to these analyzes that the doctor modifies or not the treatment. At the same time he is carrying out a routine medical examination. All this is very logical I do not see what the pharmacist is doing in this process