Transport, pizza delivery, mobile shop … the Toyota e-Palette will be able to fulfill many missions in the future – Top Gear BBC

Temporarily suspended after an accident on August 26, Toyota’s autonomous Paralympic Village shuttles will resume service. The Japanese manufacturer has announced, according to Reuters, a tightened control on the part of the operators, and an increase of the security personnel to ensure the controls and to avoid any new incident.

Toyota, official sponsor of the Games, “e-palettes” are in service around the clock in the Paralympic Village.

On Thursday August 26, one of the shuttles, although supervised by operators, struck Aramitsu Kitazono, a visually impaired Japanese judoka, leaving him with multiple bruises and cuts to his legs and head. The athlete also had to withdraw from competition as he prepared to participate in his third Paralympic Games.

The builder also claims that only two people involved in traffic were present during the collision, an insufficient number “in a situation like the Paralympic Games, given the diversity of people which are simultaneously in the Village “. The company also regrets the insufficient coordination mechanisms between the shuttle operators and the guides.

Following the crash, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda apologized in a YouTube video. The judoka is recovering well from his injuries, according to his coach.