Instead of the first two days of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, postponed to September, most African selections have scheduled friendly matches on FIFA dates in June. This is particularly the case of the Algerian African champion who will not move with three meetings on the program. Tunisia and Mali (3 games too) have also opted for a busy schedule, the palm going to Guinea which has 4 games on the menu, including the first from this Monday against Turkey .

Others, on the other hand, have opted for a lighter formula. Senegal, Morocco, Ghana, DR Congo and Côte dâ ???? Ivoire will thus be content with two matches. Only one game will be scheduled for Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa, while Gabon and Egypt have even decided to let their players take their vacation.

Like Tunisia-Algeria, Morocco-Ghana, Ghana-Ivory Coast, Nigeria-Cameroon or Mali-DRC, beautiful posters will be on the program.

Cape Verde-Brazil Olympic, in Belgrade (Serbia)
Eswatini-Lesotho, in Maputo (Mozambique)
Gambia-Niger, in Antalya (Turkey)
Guinea-Togo, in Antalya (Turkey)
Ivory Coast-Burkina Faso, in Abidjan
Tunisia-DR Congo, in Radès
Senegal-Zambia, in Thiès

Benin-Zambia, in Cotonou
Gambia-Togo, in Antalya (Turkey)
Guinea-Kosovo, in Antalya (Turkey)
Morocco-Ghana, in Rabat
Mozambique-Eswatini, in Maputo
Senegal-Cape Verde, in Thiès

DR Congo-Mali, in Tunis
Gambia-Kosovo, in Antalya (Turkey)
Guinea-Niger, in Antalya (Turkey)
Mauritania-Liberia, in Tunis
Sudan-Zambia, in Khartoum
Tunisia-Algeria, in Radès