Back from the Summer Days organized by Europe Ecologie – Les Verts this weekend, the candidate for the ecological primary Yannick Jadot was this Monday morning the guest of Jean-Jacques Bourdin for RMC and BFMTV. He made a clear commitment to the issue of Afghan refugees who are currently leaving or seeking to leave their country recaptured by the Taliban. He even called for help with their evacuation, or even to welcome them “without limit”.

The MEP began by evoking the regime established or rather restored by the Taliban for eight days now. “There is no question – for me, today – of recognizing the Taliban regime”, he first let go, before repeating, the rhetorical precautions in less: “There is no question of recognize the Taliban regime. “

“Are we discussing with those who hold power in Kabul – I’m not going to say ‘those’ because women are erased by this regime? Yes,” he conceded, however, immediately explaining his position: “But discuss for what? To allow the evacuation of threatened women, girls and men.” Exfiltrations that he wants “of course, without limit”.

A call for a massive welcome of migrants having every chance of being badly perceived in the French political climate of the moment, he tempered: “It will be tens of thousands of people, no more. The women and men who flee will first to end up in Tajikistan, Iran, Pakistan. ” “We must both guarantee and help the evacuation of all these women in particular and of these threatened men,” Yannick Jadot continued.

The candidate for the environmentalist primary then denounced the statements and positions displayed by his political opponents on this issue of evacuations and asylum to be offered to these departing Afghans.

“I heard Xavier Bertrand, Marine Le Pen, and the President of the Republic – when you had people falling from planes because they were hooked to the landing gear, where we know what it is the Taliban on the question of women, the murders of homosexuals – to say ‘These are not victims but threats’, I find that it is a major political fault,’ “he said.

But according to him the tool to be used, the lever to be operated, is not national. He is European. “We are fighting today for the European Union to activate the temporary protection directive. It is in European law. It allows us to welcome these threatened groups,” said Yannick Jadot who, beyond the only question of reception, extended his point: “We must help people who will be in Iran or elsewhere so that they are not in makeshift refugee camps.”

Finally, he called for this European aid to be extended to NGOs: “We must help associations that want to stay in Afghanistan, despite the context, so that they remain in contact and help those who are suffering”.

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Victoria Fontan, vice-president of the American University of Afghanistan was repatriated on Saturday from Kabul. On the set of BFMTV, she recounts the arrival of the Taliban in the capital, but also the airport which has become “a life-size refugee camp.”

Before a decisive comeback for the right, which is looking for a candidate for the presidential election, Xavier Bertrand clarifies his positions on several subjects in an interview with the “JDD”. The president of the Hauts-de-France region criticizes in particular the action of the Head of State on Islamism and his attitude in the Afghan file.

The flight that arrived on Sunday evening represents the sixth arrival, and the one announced will be the seventh. These Afghans will be able to apply for asylum in France.

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The US Embassy in Afghanistan on Saturday urged US nationals to avoid travel to Kabul airport because of “potential security threats.” Thousands of Afghans still gathered in front of the building, hoping to board a plane to flee the country.

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