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An Afghan attacked a woman working in a park in Berlin. Another person who came to his aid was injured. A news item that occurs in the midst of a debate on the reception of Afghan refugees in Europe.

The German capital was the scene of a knife attack by a 29-year-old Afghan national, German police report. The events took place in a park in the Wilmersdorf district, known for its luxury boutiques.

The assailant attacked a 58-year-old landscape gardener working in a square. He would have been embarrassed that a woman could work like that. He then took out a knife and stabbed his victim several times, seriously injuring her neck. A 66-year-old man tried to intervene but was also shot. The two victims were taken to hospital.

Arrived at the scene, the police were able to arrest the suspect. An Afghan citizen, he had lived in Germany since 2016. Initial investigations indicate that he may be suffering from psychological disorders. The behavior of the arrested suggests an “Islamist background,” however, Bild Martin Steltner, spokesman for the Berlin prosecutor’s office, told Bild Martin Steltner.

The attack comes as Europe fears an influx of migrants from Afghanistan after the Taliban took power *. If Emmanuel Macron blew hot and cold on the matter, several voices were raised to warn against the presence of potential terrorists or dangerous individuals among the new arrivals.

RN spokesperson Julien Odoul declared on France Inter that terrorists were taking advantage of “migratory highways to infiltrate” into Europe, calling for refusing entry of Afghans on national soil, out of “precautionary principle “.

Valérie Pécresse, also rejected the idea of ​​an “unconditional welcome” of migrants. On RTL, the president of the Île-de-France region invited the countries bordering Afghanistan to get involved in the first place.

A position similar to that adopted by Angela Merkel. Undoubtedly heated by the migration crisis of 2015, the Chancellor cautiously pleaded for a “controlled reception” of refugees, stressing that regional solutions had to be found in the first place.

In France, the control of migrants with a suspicious profile has already experienced some failures. A man suspected of links with the Taliban * and having been the subject of a MICAS (individual administrative control and surveillance measure) indeed managed to escape from his reception structure at the end of August. He was finally caught up and received a ten-month suspended prison sentence.

It also seems time for vigilance in the United States. Washington already suspects around 100 refugees admitted to the country of having affinities with terrorist groups. * Terrorist organization banned in Russia

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