AEW presented its annual ‘All Out’ PPV on Sunday, September 5, 2021 at the Now Arena in the city of Chicago, Illinois. You can order the PPV in English and French on FiteTV.

– The AEW All Out 2021 Pre-Show begins with a report on the comeback of CM Punk. We then see promotional videos on all the matches of the evening.

Matt Hardy, Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) and TH2 (Jack Evans and Angelico) vs Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus)

At the end of the fight, Luchausaurs carries a Round Kick to Angelico and Jungle Boy continues with his STF to make him hit while the other wrestlers were stunned at the bottom of the ring.

– After the fight, the wrestlers celebrate the victory, but they are attacked by TH2. The Butcher (who had been injured for seven months) returns and helps his team tackle the losers. Varisity Blonds and members of the Dark Order arrive in the ring and Matt Hardy’s clan takes flight. The wrestlers in the ring then give each other a huge hug.

– Dan Lambert is in a dressing room and is speaking. Lambert introduces us to his MMA stars with him accompanied by Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky. Page says he’s happy to be with him tonight. Everyone knows that Men of the Year are very dangerous. Sky says sometimes you have to push to the next level. Which means stepping out of the comfort zone into danger. What they’re going to do with their MMA friend. Lambert says Sky just signed 5 years, Page is ready and the fighters are here. They are just waiting for his instructions to attack tonight.

– Tonight it’s AEW All Out, the PPV starts with the pyros and the commentators who welcome us. The wrestlers then arrive in the ring for the first match.

At the end of the fight, Miro delivers his kick and takes Kingston for his Game Over, Kingston wants to block him, but Miro manages to apply his submission. Kingston resists and grabs a cable. Kingston surprises Miro with his DDT and covers him up, but the ref is busy replacing the cushion, he counts and Miro resists. Kingston relieves Miro for a Pile Driver, but Miro blocks him. Kingston wants to throw it on the corner without a cushion, but the referee blocks the access! Miro takes the opportunity to do a Low Blow on Kingston and brings him two Superkicks. Miro covers him for the win.

At the end of the fight, Moxley avoids a Clothesline and does his Paradigm Shift on Kojima. Moxley relieves him for a second Paradigm Shift for the count of three.

– After the fight, Moxley’s music stops and Minoru Suzuki’s entry begins! Suzuki arrives in the ring for a face to face with Moxley! Moxley and Suzuki follow up the blows. Suzuki does not fall, he avoids a blow and applies a Read Naked to continue with his Pile Driver.

At the end of the fight, Baker dodges Statlander’s 450 and applies his Lock Jaw to him, but Statlander blocks the hold. Statlander gets up with Baker on his shoulders and slams him. Statlander chains with a Scissors Kick and covers her, but she resists two. Baker rolls down the ring and dodges a Moonsault to go on with a Curb Stomp. Baker returns to the ring to hope to win by Count Out, but Cassidy starts screaming to motivate Statlander to return to the ring! Then Baker goes on with a Panama Sunrise on Statlander and covers her, but she resists! Baker chains with a Stomp and covers her, but she still resists. Baker goes on with his Low Jack to hit Statlander.

– Behind the scenes, Alex Marvez is with Andrade El Idolo and Chavo Guerrero to get his comments on Pac having travel issues. Andrade says he’s here to fight. He asks if anyone canceled Pac’s transport tonight. Chavo says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t even have the airline’s phone number. Pac is not here because he is afraid, everyone knows that. The same goes for the Lucha Bros. If they don’t want to accept their management service, that’s their choice. Andrade says that Friday at Rampage we will have him against Pac. No more excuses, he paid for the plane for Pac.

– We present a video on the rivalry of the teams. Don Callis takes his place with the commentators for the next game.

Lucha Bros (Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix) vs Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) (c)

At the end of the fight, Brandon Cutler throws a bag into the ring for the Bucks. Matt pulls out a shoe with tacks on it. Matt wants to do a Superkick on Fenix, but Penta steps in front of his little brother to protect him. Matt does his Superkick with the bug shoe on Penta! Nick throws Penta head first at the shoe and crushes his face on it. Fenix ​​gets up, but Matt gives him a Superkick with his shoe. The Bucks do their BTE Trigger on Penta to cover it, but Rey blocks the account at the last second! Matt takes his shoe in his hand to punch Fenix, but Fenix ​​dodges the blow and takes the advantage over the Bucks. Fenix ​​takes the shoe to hit the Bucks in the face and phantom driver Matt to cover him, but he resists. Then Fenix ​​climbs to the top of the cage to make their two finisher, but Nick does a Superkick to Penta to stop everything. Nick goes upstairs, but Fenix ​​pushes him back with a Superkick. Fenix ​​launches into Cross Body from the top of the cage on the Bucks. The Lucha Bros do their two-for-three stack driver on Nick de Penta while Fenix ​​blocks Matt to the ground.

Participants: Nyla Rose, Red Velvet, Bunny, Thunder Rosa, Big Swole, Tay Conti, Penelope Ford, Diamanté, Emi Sakura, Hikaru Shida, Kiera Hogan, Reba, Jamie Hayter, Anna Jay, Abadon, KiLynn King, Leyla Hirsch, Riho , Jade Cargill, Skye Blue and [TBD]

At the end of the fight, the joker kicks in and it’s Ruby Soho (Ruby Riott). Then there are Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa, Tay Conti, Penelope Ford and Soho. Conti eliminates Ford with a Head Scissors, but Rose takes the opportunity to push her down the ring! Rose takes the advantage over Soho and Rosa. Rosa avoids a blow and pushes Rose back onto the apron to take her out with a Drop Kick! Then the confrontation begins between Soho and Rosa. Rosa manages to bring Soho to the apron, the two exchange blows, Soho does his Riott Kick to eliminate him!

– We present a video on the story between MJF and Jericho. MJF enters the ring copying Jericho’s WWE version entry.

At the end of the fight, Wardlow arrives at ringside, but Jake Hager arrives to beat him. The officials arrive to take them out. MJF takes the opportunity to take the baseball bat and hit Jericho in the face! MJF continues with a Judas Effect to cover him, the referee counts three, but Jericho has his foot on a cable!

– After the fight, a second referee arrives to advise him that Jericho had his foot on a cable. The referee decides to restart the bout.

MJF is furious, the ref pushes him. Jericho takes the opportunity to do a Roll Up, but he resists. Jericho wants to be his finisher, but MJF knocks him down with his Arm Bar! Jericho resists and knocks him down with a quick count, but MJF resists. Jericho continues with his Walls of Jericho. MJF resists, Jericho brings him back to the center and MJF taps!

– We present a video on the history between Punk and Allin. CM Punk’s last fight was at the 2014 Royal Rumble and today he’s making his comeback. Punk shows up in the ring in pants to a big ovation.

At the end of the fight, Punk does his Running Knee against the corner at Allin and his Clothesline. Punk beckons for his GTS and pulls Allin up, but Allin hits him to block him. Punk rolls down the ring and Allin makes his suicide jump. Allin gets on the corner and does a Senton on Punk at the bottom of the ring. Allin brings Punk back to the ring and goes up to the corner for his Coffin Drop, but Punk avoids him. Allin surprises Punk with a Back Slide, but Punk picks him up for a GTS, but Allin blocks him and gives him his custom count, but Punk resists. Punk does a Drop Kick on Allin. Allin blocks Punk’s knee, but Punk gives him his GTS for the count of three.

– After the fight, Punk celebrates his victory. Sting arrives in the ring and the two shake hands. Punk and Sting want to help Allin, but he wants to get up on his own. Punk and Allin shake hands.

At the end of the fight, Wight does a Chop in Solo and continues with a KO Punch and a Spear on Comoroto. Marshall launches from the corner, but Wight blocks him with a ChokeSlam for the count of three.

– Jon Moxley vs Minoru Suzuki is announced, Ruby Soho will be there, and Dustin Rhodes vs Malakai Black for Wednesday at Dynamite. Friday at Rampage: Pac vs Andrade.

– Behind the scenes, Jon Moxley says Suzuki was born in pain. He’s from Cincinnati, they’ll be there Wednesday at his home. Where he comes from we bury bullies like Suzuki. Welcome to the jungle.

– Behind the scenes, we find Malakai Black. Black says he doesn’t want Dustin to be calm, he wants him to be angry. The more angry Dustin is, the more he can anticipate and the more Dustin can slip. Black says Dustin has to remember why he’s upset Arn, Brock Lee and his little brother Cody who he left lifeless in the ring to the point where he still hasn’t returned. Dustin will have to think about that on Wednesday.

At the end of the fight, Christian spears Omega across a table at the bottom of the ring. The two return to the ring, Christian spears him in the back and another in front to cover him, but Omega resists. Christian launches into Frog Splash, but Omega blocks him with his knees. Omega kicks Christian, but Christian blocks the V Trigger. Omega hits him again and hits his V Trigger. Omega wants to do his Driver, but Christian knocks him down with his Clover Leaf. Callis asks for help. The Good Brothers are coming. Christian pushes Karl Anderson away. Gallows wants to hold him back, but Omega hits him by mistake. Christian wants to do his Killswitch, but Omega blocks him, Christian comes back with his Killswitch to cover him, but Omega resists two! Christian rides Omega on the corner, but Callis steps into the ring to distract him. Christian goes back to the corner for a Super Killswitch, but Omega blocks him and makes him a corner One Winged Angel for the count of three!

– After the fight, Omega celebrates his victory. The Young Bucks arrive in the ring to celebrate with him. Doc Gallows begins to pummel Christian with help from the Bucks. Jurassic Express arrives in the ring to help, but The Elite retains control. The crowd sings ‘yes’. Omega takes the microphone and asks if Chicago finally understands. The best in the world of if or that. It doesn’t matter where you are from or where your city is, he is the best. He has proven it everywhere he goes for all the years. When you get to the AEW title no one has a chance to beat it. They are tired or dead. The lights go out and Adam Cole’s music begins! Adam Cole arrives in the ring! Omega and Cole exchange a few words. The crowd sings “holy shit”. Cole does a Superkick on Jungle Boy! Cole celebrates with The Elite!

Omega asks if we really mean it. He was not afraid, Cole is their best friend. Cole takes the mic and asks who’s up for a story with Adam Cole? Cole says it’s official, The Elite is the most dominant clan in the business. There is no way anyone can stop them. Omega says it’s a happy ending. He now leaves her the responsibility of sending happy people home! Daniel Bryan’s music begins and he arrives in the ring! The clash breaks out between The Elite and the Jurassic Express clan with Daniel Bryan! Bryan begins to kick Nick Jackson and ends with his Running Knee. The 2021 All Out PPV ends with a celebration of Bryan with the Jurassic Express to a standing ovation from the crowd.