Adriana Karembeu is a worried mom! The former top model spoke to Nous Deux magazine about his anguish for his daughter Nina.

Adriana Karembeu is a mother hen! But who says unconditional love for his children, also says great fears and anxieties over and over again. This is what the former top model experiences on a daily basis! Indeed, for the magazine Nous Deux, the host of France 2 confided in complete privacy on this thought which gnaws at her and which worries her a lot about Nina, born in 2019, of her love with Aram Ohanian: “I do not like this passing time because towards my daughter, I am an elderly mother. I would like to hold out for her as long as possible. I am afraid of not being by her side to accompany her to all the key stages of her life, ”she explains with emotion.

Aged 49, Adriana Karembeu is still a happy mother who has seen her outlook on returning from vacation change. “Until then this period meant nothing to me, because my activities were not linked to this time of the year. This time it’s different, my daughter Nina entered the nursery in January and is returning there. at the start of the school year. I want to be available to accompany him that day “, specifies the former partner of Christian Karembeu. Resident in Monaco, school is not compulsory until the age of six on the Rock.

What to make the most of little Nina, for this mother who will be celebrating her 50th birthday this year! Not-so-good news for the ex-model: “It’s awful! I can’t believe it. I remember when my mother was 50, she looked old to me. Yet when I look at pictures of it dates from this time, I find it hyperbell and not old at all “, confides the one who admits to hating” birthdays, especially mine but I am preparing psychologically to pass the course especially as my husband will certainly organize something with our family”. A nice surprise in prospect.

Adriana Sklenaříková was born in 1971 in Brezno, Slovakia, and enrolled at the Prague medical school before being noticed in a competition for …

It is a beautiful plant, which does not seem to have any health problems, children love their mother as she is (even bad mothers for that matter), that she takes advantage of her daughter and her comfortable position without pulling plans on the comet: she has good years ahead of her!

she privileged her career and her body, do not complain afterwards, having a child at 47 is very selfish. But this woman is navel-blue therefore !!!

she met her husband late and needed assisted reproduction. nothing to do with his career.

And yes soon to be 50 years old Adriana poor child even her husband is old but who will take care of it after your disappearance I wonder if there are any glitches in the sadness of a divorce …

Ah madam had to think about it before now that your daughter is there it is necessary to ensure! It’s when sad to have children so late no choice but hey assume now

Other than that ´ I don´t understand why ´ her name is still Karembeu!

When I was fifty ´ I became a grandmother! My granddaughter is five now and I am 55 ´ and yes Adriana had to think about it before! ’

Nothing to brag about either! You don’t have much to do with it.

She wanted a child like you buy a vase, you had to decide sooner, she preferred to give priority to her career … As she prefers to usurp the name of karembeu when she is married to another … C what is this good woman ???

So you had to think about it beforehand and not do it. Many women have children out of selfish fear of loneliness. But being successful in life doesn’t necessarily mean motherhood.

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