ADIE Auvergne Rhône-Alpes funded more than 2,000 entrepreneurs in 2020. Among them, Jean-Dominique Rotella, bicycle window cleaner in Lyon, who was able to benefit from a microcredit to launch his activity.

2069: This is the number of entrepreneurs financed, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, in 2020, by ADIE (Association for the right to economic initiative). Its mission: to enable people who do not have access to traditional bank loans to be able to create their business thanks to a weapon: micro-credit. A figure almost stable compared to 2019, and which may be surprising in view of the economic crisis.

In the region, ADIE has 50 permanent employees, 140 volunteers and 20 branches in 12 departments. 5 new branches will open this year: Aurillac, Montélimar, Oyonnax, Villeurbanne and Montluçon.

If, from March 2020, ADIE has mainly helped entrepreneurs find solutions to repay their current credit, “it is from June and July, after the first confinement, that we have responded to the requests of those who wish to get started, ”explains Etienne Taponnier, director of ADIE Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. “We provide them with support, advice and funding,” explains Mathieu Mazin, ADIE advisor at Lyon 9.

Among the people accompanied by the latter, one counts Jean-Dominique Rotella, window cleaner by bicycle. “I launched my business in Grenoble in 2019, then I relocated it in March 2020 to Lyon,” he explains. To carry out his activity, the latter needed an electric-assisted cargo bike – Lyon with hills and false flats!

Thanks to the support of ADIE, he was able to benefit from two grants of 1,000 euros each and a micro-credit of 2,900 euros to be repaid over two years. What to buy his work tool and even to add box and flocking.

Before starting his activity, the entrepreneur was an employee and an optician. “I wanted more freedom. I like my job because when you wash windows, there is a satisfying before and after, ”he explains. Its clients are mainly companies, but also a few individuals.

Jean-Dominique Rotella plans to continue this momentum. In 2021, he hopes for a turnover of around 25,000 euros. And he is not the only one to succeed in the bet of entrepreneurship. “The three-year sustainability rate for companies financed by ADIE is 85%,” says Etienne Taponnier. And 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs say they are satisfied with having created their business.

Of the 2,069 entrepreneurs supported in 2020, 48% lived below the poverty line before funding (national average of 17.5%), 39% receive social minimums (national average of business creators of 8%) and 17% do not have a diploma (national average of 12%). 22% live in rural areas (national average of 20%) and 12% in priority neighborhoods (national average of 7%).

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