In recent days, Adele has made her comeback on the front of the stage! Expected for years by the whole world, the British singer who now lives in the United States has unveiled her title Easy On Me (which is already breaking all records) and is preparing to unveil her album 30, on November 19. Invited by Vogue magazine to cover its latest issue, the interpreter of Rolling in the Deep has also agreed to respond to an interview with the famous media. A concept that has become very popular on social networks in recent years and in which a personality spontaneously answers 73 more or less intrusive questions. For the occasion, it is from her home, in her daily life, that Adele played the game. A video of several minutes during which we learn a little more about the star and her future projects …

In addition to the chewing gum chewed by Celine Dion, then framed, offered to her by her friend James Corden, Adele also mentioned her possible departure on the roads for a major tour around the world. “As soon as possible” she exclaims in front of the magazine’s camera before adding humorously: “I’m ready to go, really. It just depends on the Covid. Keep wearing your masks and don’t spread the variant. Delta, and who knows? “. Rather encouraging words on the part of the British singer who had nevertheless mentioned a few years ago the anxieties she felt with regard to the scene. While two concerts in Hyde Park, London, have just been announced on July 1, 2022 &, it may well be that the diva immediately connects with other dates around the world. At least that’s what we hope!

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