Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has announced its intention to acquire BENEXT, an independent French consulting firm specializing in product management, agile coaching, cloud-based development and data science. Financial details of the transaction are withheld.

Founded in 2014 and based in France, BENEXT has all the know-how required to help its clients design, organize, deploy and efficiently manage their digital products while improving their customer experience. The BENEXT teams, made up of around 160 highly qualified professionals, would join OCTO Technology – which has been part of Accenture since 2017 – and thus strengthen, more generally, the European and international expertise of Accenture Cloud First. OCTO Technology is a consulting company specializing in software development and digital transformation. OCTO Technology teams are mainly based in France and also operate in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

“With many of our customers accelerating their multi-cloud strategies, the need for new agile operating models and user experience integrated into a multi-cloud universe has never been greater. The scalable capabilities offered by the cloud would allow large enterprises to rethink their business from concept to implementation, ”said Karthik Narain, global manager of Accenture Cloud First. “BENEXT would be a valuable asset that would allow us to help more customers transform into true digital businesses that operate at scale in the cloud. We would thus be able to accelerate the transformation of our customers, to the point where all of their activities are oriented towards new opportunities. ”

Backed by a $ 3 billion investment over three years, Accenture Cloud First is a multi-service group of 77,000 cloud professionals worldwide, with industry-leading and unmatched subject matter expertise, industry cloud solutions and a technology ecosystem of partners to help customers take advantage of all the opportunities the cloud offers, quickly and at scale. Over the past 24 months, Accenture has made a number of strategic investments to develop and expand its cloud service capabilities. These include, in France, the acquisition of Linkbynet in July 2021, Gekko in June 2020 and Cirruseo in June 2019.

Olivier Girard, President of Accenture France and Benelux, declared “By collaborating with BENEXT and capitalizing on our expertise in the latest technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, data and DevOps, we would provide more advanced skills. to meet the growing demand of our customers for optimized digital products and agile method. The unique combination of our technological, organizational and product management expertise would allow us to create more value for the French market, in particular for our clients in the financial services, media and public sectors. ”

David Robert, founder and president of BENEXT, added “We are delighted with this opportunity, which makes sense with our history and would accelerate our strategy. The combination of the expertise of our two companies, combined with our capabilities in product management, would allow us to take a step forward in the services provided to our clients. Together, we could help them reinvent their products, rethink their life cycle and optimize their customer experience. ”

The acquisition project is subject to prior consultation with employee representative bodies as well as the conditions usually applicable.

About Accenture Accenture is a global leader in business and government services, with leading expertise in digital, cloud and security. Combining unique experience and specialized expertise in more than 40 business sectors, Accenture draws on the largest international network of advanced technology and intelligent operations centers to offer its clients Strategy & Consulting, Interactive, Technology and Operations. With 569,000 employees, Accenture engages with customers in more than 120 countries every day to fulfill the promise of technology combined with human ingenuity. Accenture relies on change to generate value and create shared success with its customers, employees, shareholders, partners and communities. Website:

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