La Grande Librairie, the literary program of France 5, offers this Wednesday February 24 a meeting with Chantal Thomas, recently elected to the French Academy, in the chair of Jean d’Ormesson. She will of course present her latest book, De sable et de neige (Mercure de France).


Antoine Oury

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Antoine Oury

This Wednesday, February 24, at 8:50 p.m. on France 5, François Busnel will receive Chantal Thomas, who has come to present his latest book, De sable et de neige (Mercure de France), but also Philippe Delerm, who publishes La Vie en relief with Editions du Seuil.

In L’homme qui tremble, author Lionel Duroy looks back on his bibliography and decides to sketch his portrait, this time, rather than that of others. Delicate and cruel exercise …

Finally, in his latest book, Judoka (Stock), Thierry Frémaux retraces his career, from his childhood at the Cannes Film Festival, in the light of this combat sport with such a great discipline.

Echoing the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March 21) and the week of education and action against racism and anti-Semitism (March 21 to 28), the France Télévisions group is offering a special programming. On March 19 at 10:55 p.m., the show The Young Black with the Sword, by Abd al Malik will be broadcast.

02/24/2021, 4:13 PM

Stephen King is not done with horror on the screens, but this time the project is not about the adaptation of one of his works. The writer is working with director and producer J.J. Abrams on a horror series, offering several stories …

02/24/2021, 11:25 AM

The production company New Pictures is carrying out a project to adapt a television series of a novel by British author Kate Summerscale, The Haunting of Alma Fielding. Not yet available in French, the book will be adapted by Charlotte Stoudt (Homeland, Fosse / Verdon).

02/18/2021, 4:20 PM

The Arte channel is offering a new season of its Poetry program. With around fifteen different personalities, it is a journey to the heart of words that is offered to spectators. We will thus find Nikos Aliagas, Guy-Loup Boisneau, Yoann Bourgeois, Céleste Brunnquell, Agnès Gayraud, Uèle Lamore, Hugo Marchand, Catherine Meurisse, Marc-Alexandre Oho Bambe, Patrick Pelloux, Céline Pham, Olivier Roller, Vanessa Schneider, Vanessa Seward and Jane Villenet.

02/18/2021, 11:00

This Wednesday, February 17, François Busnel will tell big and “small” stories with his guests, gathered on the set of La Grande Librairie. Among them, Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, who will come to discuss his story of humanity, which should run over eight volumes …

02/17/2021, 12:31

The overseas division of France Télévisions unveils a new literary program, entitled À la 1ère page. Broadcast overseas on La 1ère channels, but also available on the overseas portal La 1ère, it is devoted to overseas writers, with Gaël Octavia, Karine Djeba and Dominique Lancastre to open the ball.

02/17/2021, 11:53

The Les Rivières pourpres series, a sequel to Jean-Christophe Grangé’s novel published by Éditions Albin Michel, will continue with a third season, still broadcast by France 2. The first two episodes will be visible on Monday March 8 at 9:05 pm.

02/16/2021, 4:48 PM

Philippe Charlier, forensic pathologist and anthropologist, is embarking on two new, unprecedented investigations into the life and death of great historical figures. Thursday February 18 at 9.45 p.m., it is René Descartes’s turn to pass on the autopsy table.

02/10/2021, 12:54

If the American series House of Cards (2013-2018) was a great success in 6 seasons, it was actually a remake, which found its inspiration in the eponymous British series created by the writer and screenwriter Andrew Davies in 1990. The first two seasons can be discovered on from February 12th before the third and final season goes online in a few weeks.

02/09/2021, 12:20

This Wednesday February 10 at 8:50 p.m., still on France 5, La Grande Librairie is conducting hearings, with three invited authors to discuss various news items, but also the functioning of justice. A final guest, for his part, will look at our attraction for images and screens, by questioning its effects on health …

02/09/2021, 11:16

France 3 announces the broadcast, on Sunday February 21, 2021 at 9:05 p.m., of the three episodes of the first season of Max Liebermann’s Notebooks, an adaptation of the works of the British writer Frank Tallis. The latter’s books were published in French by 10/18, in translations by Michèle Valencia or Hélène Prouteau.

02/03/2021, 10:16

The American television channel HBO keeps big plans for the universe of Game of Thrones, of G.R.R. Martin. The original 8-season series, which aired between 2011 and 2019, will soon be complemented by another production, this time adapted from The Chronicles of the Knight Errant. The events will take place before the era of the cult series.

02/01/2021, 12:09

The entry of Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby, into the American public domain is arguably no stranger to the A E Studios and ITV Studios America TV adaptation project. Screenwriter Michael Hirst, creator of the Vikings and The Tudors series, has been hired to write the script for a mini-series.

01/29/2021, 15:02

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Sam Branson, through their production company HiddenLight Productions, will adapt Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s book The Daughters of Kobani: A Story of Rebellion, Courage, and Justice, to be released on February 16, 2021 by Penguin Press.

01/27/2021, 12:45

This Wednesday January 27 at 8:50 p.m., La Grande Librairie is entirely dedicated to protecting the planet and the environment with an issue dedicated to ecology. With, in particular, an unprecedented dialogue between Bruno Latour and Boris Cyrulnik.

01/27/2021, 12:07

On the occasion of the commemoration of the disappearance of the writer Édouard Glissant, who died on February 3, 2011, the Outre-mer portal La 1ère will broadcast the documentary Édouard Glissant, the creolization of the world, directed by Yves Billy and Mathieu Glissant.

01/27/2021, 12:06 PM

The Italian series Il Miracolo, signed by novelist Niccolò Ammaniti, is back in full on Arte, on the air and on the platform. In Rome, the discovery of a statuette of the Virgin crying tears of blood turns the lives of several protagonists upside down and puts them in the face of the inexplicable …

01/21/2021, 14:27

France 2 announces the broadcast, on Monday 8 and 15 February, of episodes of the mini-series Les Aventures du Jeune Voltaire, signed by Alain Tasma on a screenplay by Alain Tasma, Georges-Marc Benamou and Henri Helman. Thomas Solivérès will play the Enlightenment philosopher in the making …

01/20/2021, 10:25 AM

As every week, François Busnel makes an appointment in his Large bookstore to some authors for discussions on set. This Wednesday, January 20, from 8:50 p.m., it is around the “masculine crisis” that they will meet again. With a detour through museums, announces the channel.

01/19/2021, 09:33

“We told her she would never walk, we told her she would never sing. “The novel by diva Malika Bellaribi Le Moal, The White Sandals, published in 2008 by Calmann-Levy, has been adapted for television: it will be broadcast on January 25 on France 2, at 9:05 p.m. An autobiographical work, which” crowns and portrays his well-filled artistic career ”, indicates the production.

01/16/2021, 10:31

Once again, in The Great Confrontation, Alain Finkielkraut will have exceeded the limits. “To specify the crime, you have to know whether there was consent. At the heart of the debate, Camille Kouchner’s book, recounting the incest experienced by his twin brother – and of which Olivier Duhamel is allegedly guilty. Invited by David Pujadas, the philosopher has probably done too much in his analysis …

01/13/2021, 09:47

On Monday February 1, 2021, from 9:05 p.m., France 2 opens a special evening on the Pauline Dubuisson case, tried for causing the death of her lover, and finally sentenced to life imprisonment. Above all, the event reveals the state of mind of society towards women, and especially women claiming a certain freedom. The evening will begin with a TV movie adapted from La petite female, a book by Philippe Jaenada.

01/13/2021, 09:32

With La Familia grande, published by Editions du Seuil, Camille Kouchner breaks a family taboo on incest: she accuses Olivier Duhamel, her stepfather, of having abused his twin brother when they were teenagers. François Busnel receives the author in La Grande Librairie, on France 5, this Wednesday, January 13.

01/12/2021, 11:29

On Tuesday January 26 at 8:50 pm, the program “Le Monde en face”, presented by Marina Carrère d’Encausse, will broadcast a documentary produced by Hugues Nancy devoted to the Charlie Hebdo newspaper. It will retrace its history and evoke the trial of the 2015 attacks. The documentary includes texts by Yannick Haenel, illustrated by drawings by François Boucq.

01/11/2021, 15:55

About ten days ago, Augustin Trapenard left Canal, taking with him the two programs of literature and cinema of the encrypted channel. Resignation or dismissal, we did not know more. This time, the situation of journalist Patrick Poivre d´Arvor is clear: CNews, another channel of the group, puts an end to the program Vive les livres, after three years of existence. The final clap will be given with Mazarine Pingeot, last of some 800 guests.

01/09/2021, 11:13

Published in France in a translation by Jean Esch by Mazarine editions, La fille avant, a novel by JP Delaney, will become a mini-series in four parts, entrusted to the care of the BBC. Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Brooklyn Affairs, Miss Revolution) will lead the cast.

01/08/2021, 14:56

France 2 announces the broadcast, on Wednesday January 27 at 9:05 p.m., of a new, unpublished TV movie from the Disparition Concernante series. Une Affaire Personnelle was signed by novelist and screenwriter Johanne Rigoulot, and brings together Sara Forestier, Pierre Rochefort and Bruno Dreyfürst on screen.

01/06/2021, 12:48

1930s, 1960s … For a new season, the series Les Petits Meurtres by Agatha Christie chooses the 1970s! Rouflaquettes, bright colors, plastic on all levels and sexual liberation will be at the rendezvous … With new characters always memorable …

01/06/2021, 11:05

Often compared, more rarely reunited, two figures of literature on television will be reunited this Wednesday, January 6, 2021, on the occasion of the re-entry of La Grande Librairie. François Busnel indeed receives on the set of the Bernard Pivot show …

01/05/2021, 14:24

Announced at the end of 2018, the animated series Idéfix et les iréducibles will complete a particularly busy year for the favorite Gauls of the French. Obelix’s little doggie will be entitled to 52 episodes of 11 minutes each, and a company of die-hard four-legged …

01/04/2021, 15:41

On her Not a Blog site, the writer expressed her admiration for the series featuring a young orphan chess prodigy. This is an opportunity for the author to reflect on the importance of the 64-box game during his years as a novice writer.

12/31/2020, 12:11

Arrived in 2012 on Canal, the journalist hosted “Le Cercle” and “21 cm”, two shows respectively devoted to cinema and literature. His departure comes against a backdrop of tense, following the controversial dismissal of two star columnists and presenters of the encryption channel. An equally cryptic decision?

12/30/2020, 11:51

Already available on the platform, the documentary Le monde enchanté d’Andersen will be broadcast by the Arte channel this Saturday, December 19 at 8:55 pm. The opportunity to discover the Danish writer behind a multitude of literary classics, from The Little Mermaid to The Princess with the Pea …

12/18/2020, 2:47 PM

ARTE pays tribute to the master of the spy novel John le Carré who died this weekend, by broadcasting Wednesday December 16 at 8.55 pm The constant gardener, the film adaptation of his eponymous novel by Fernando Meirelles. The American novelist died on December 12, 2020 at the age of 89.

12/15/2020, 2:32 PM

After The Iliad, the animated series “The great myths” logically focuses on The Odyssey, the other Greek epic poem attributed to Homer. These 10 new episodes will be broadcast from January 1, 2021 on, then from January 7 to March 7, 2021, every Sunday. And always merge animation, iconography and storytelling …

12/10/2020, 09:40

While it is recommended to wash your dirty laundry as a family, you can also have very fruitful editorial collaborations. François Busnel, host of the famous literary show La Grande Librairie, gave his voice for a reading aloud of the novel Un soir de janvier, “a text that was particularly close to his heart”. And for good reason, it is signed by his partner, Delphine de Vigan.

12/08/2020, 12:24

Directed by Stefon Bristol, Gordon Hemingway and the Reign of Cthulhu should soon be included in the streaming giant’s catalog. Produced by Spike Lee, the film would then feature an adventurer lost in East Africa, confronted with an ancient evil … Good Lovecraft in power.

02/24/2021, 12:44

A year after filming was announced, the Netflix adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy finally has a release date. The series will be available on May 7 for all subscribers of the streaming giant. To keep spectators waiting, a first teaser, very sparse in content, was also unveiled.

02/24/2021, 12:06 PM

The Autrement editions are delighted, and we can understand them: Brit Bennett’s novel, translated by Karine Lalechère, L’autre demi de soi, will be adapted by the novelist herself. Executive producer Brit Bennett has said a bit more about this upcoming series on HBO.

02/24/2021, 11:28

The Prince of Euphor, Actarus, is back with his famous Grendizer Fighting Machine. “Up there, up there, far away in space, the knight of new times is coming back,” Microids and Dynamic Planning sing in chorus. And for good reason: a Grendizer video game, inspired by Toei Animation’s Japanese animated series, dates back to the dawn of time. Indeed, it was in 1975 …

02/24/2021, 11:20

The bookseller specializing in new books at reduced prices SDP Le Livre Club and the media ActuaLitté announce the signing of a partnership agreement. The first magazine dedicated to books was chosen for the quality and diversity of its articles, in order to liven up the websites of the online bookstores SDP Le Livre Club Maxi-pro and Maxilivres. The web teams will thus retain and share the most relevant topics according to the clients of the two platforms.

02/23/2021, 4:12 PM

The British director and Paramount have struck a deal to bring Stephen King’s dystopian novel to the screen. Published for the first time in 1982 under the pen name of Richard Bachman, the work had already been the subject of a first adaptation with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987. In France, Running Man is published by Albin Michel in a translation of Franck Straschitz.

02/22/2021, 12:59

The American writer Roger Zelazny (1937-1995) is one of the big names in science fiction and one of his works, Repères sur la route (Roadmarks, Denoël, 1981, translated by Alain Dorémieux) is of great interest to the HBO channel. A television series will adapt the work, and will notably be produced by George R.R. Martin …

02/22/2021, 12:21

In 2019, the Oscar-winning actress published Sulwe, a children’s book on skin color, illustrated by Vashti Harrison. Netflix now plans to adapt the work into an animated musical. The book had previously been selected to participate in the Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices program, launched this summer by the streaming giant. A series in which personalities introduced children to black authors.

02/19/2021, 14:59

Australian booksellers and publishers have been the collateral victims of a political operation by the social network Facebook: to protest against a law imposing a levy for the sharing of news articles, the platform blocked this type of content, as well as the possibility of sharing them.

02/19/2021, 09:35

Son of the famous writer Stephen King, Joe Hill also made a name for himself in the horror genre. Paramount studios are preparing a fantastic detective series entitled Voluntary Committal and inspired by its collection of short stories Ghosts – Stories troubles, published in France by JC Lattès in a translation by Valérie Rosier.

02/17/2021, 12:12

The adaptation of Sarah Perry’s book, The Serpent of Essex, has undergone some upheaval, including the arrival of actress Claire Danes for the lead role, after the departure of Keira Knightley. This production for Apple TV will be produced by Clio Barnard (Dark River).

02/15/2021, 14:51

Between 1971 and 1974, actor Georges Descrières played Arsène Lupine, a gentleman burglar. Two seasons of 13 episodes where the thief took away crowds and hearts. While Omar Sy in the Netflix-produced series Lupine totally revisits the character, INA proposes to reconnect with this hero, fifty years before the production of the American giant.

02/13/2021, 12:40

Announced last November, the diptych dedicated to the work of Alexandre Dumas has just unveiled its cast. In addition to the three stars who will play the Musketeers, François Civil and Éva Green will also be part of the adventure.

02/12/2021, 11:57

The streaming platform has just concluded an agreement with Penguin Random House UK, which owns the rights to the Rougemuraille novels. Netflix now has the ability to adapt the entire 22 books written by Brian Jacques. The company is wasting no time and a film and a series are already in the works.

02/11/2021, 14:24

Readers who long for the world of Witcher Geralt of Rivia will be able to immerse themselves in a distant era, long before the exploits of their favorite hero. The developer CD Projekt Red, known for the video games The Witcher, has announced the release of a new board game, The Witcher: Old World, for 2022.

02/11/2021, 12:35

More or less removed from politics, the Obama couple devotes themselves to the book, with the publication of their respective Memoirs, but also to production, via their company Higher Ground Productions. In collaboration with the Netflix platform, the Obamas will thus produce, among other things, an adaptation of Exit West, the book by Mohsin Hamid.

02/08/2021, 15:20

Video games and reading have a lot to offer each other: a team of passionate librarians intends to prove it, again and again, with recommendations for extending a video game experience. That of the game Cuphead, 2D action game from independent studio MDHR, will not leave you unscathed, with its colossal difficulty and splendid graphics … Welcome to Video game, ideal book.

02/05/2021, 15:24

In mid-November 2020, it was with presenter François Busnel that the former President of the United States had his first interview, for the promotion of the book A Promised Land. Published by Fayard in a translation by Pierre Demarty, Charles Recoursé and Nicolas Richard and adaptation by Patrick Tanguy, the book has sold more than 350,000 copies (Edistat data). And it is with Augustin Trapenard that Barack continues his presentation.

02/04/2021, 11:57

Indian writer Aravind Adiga, several of whom have already been adapted for the Netflix platform, will soon see Amnesty, released in 2020, join the list. The film will be directed by Ramin Bahrani, already behind the camera for Le Tigre blanc (2021).

02/03/2021, 16:05

Screenwriter James Ivory, who signed Call Me By Your Name for Luca Guadagnino based on André Aciman’s book in 2017, is working on an adaptation of the novels Finishing with Eddy Bellegueule and Qui a killed mon père by Édouard Louis, respectively published at Seuil in 2014 and 2018. The result should be broadcast on Netflix.

02/03/2021, 12:20

Buck Rogers, the space adventurer created by American writer Phil Nowlan in the 1920s, is expected to return to screens soon. Two projects are even initiated, by different studios: Skydance, who is working on a film with the beneficiaries of Nowlan, contests that of Legendary, who would first develop a series, and even thought of George Clooney to play Rogers …

02/03/2021, 11:13

The Mickey Haller series novels, after the name of the main character, Michael Connelly, will soon join the Netflix catalog, adapted for the screen. The first season is becoming more precise, and should be inspired by the events recounted in Le Verdict du Lead, the second title of the series (translation by Robert Pépin, Seuil, 2009, reissue by Calmann-Lévy in 2020).

02/02/2021, 15:31

The novel Tous nos contretemps (All Our Wrong Todays), by Elan Mastai, translated into French by Jean Bonnefoy for Bragelonne editions and published in pocket by Folio SF, will become a series, broadcast by the streaming service Peacock. The novelist, with experience as a screenwriter, will adapt his text himself.

02/02/2021, 12:07

“As long as there is the word ‘book’, I am there: I am a reader who writes, or a writer who reads. The president of the 2021 Inter Book Prize does not hide his joy. He will therefore supervise the exchanges of the 24 jurors who will elect the 47th winner. Start of registrations, now open: all you have to do is apply to be part of it.

02/02/2021, 11:57

Ryan Coogler, director of Fruitvale Station (2013) or Creed (2015), had also signed the first homonymous film devoted to Black Panther, in 2018. Despite the death of the main actor Chadwick Boseman, he will direct the sequel, but s ‘invests a little more in Wakanda, with the entry into production of a series also based on the fictional country of the Marvel universe.

02/02/2021, 10:41

A big project has been set in motion, at Netflix, with the announced adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic book series, Sandman, signed by the latter with several designers, including Dave McKean, Sam Kieth or Jill Thompson. A few actors and actresses from the cast have been revealed …

02/01/2021, 15:17

Since the end of last year, things have been rustling: Gustave Flaubert, the hermit, was going against his will to be the subject of a celebration in 2021, for the 200th anniversary of his birth. And if there is no shortage of events, it is above all digitally that the author of Salammbô will receive his laurels. As proof, the account carried by the Baraques Walden association. A tribute to the American writer Henry David Thoreau, certainly, but which will serve to salute Flaubert above all.

01/30/2021, 10:34

Huge success on French soil and internationally, the first season of the Netflix series Lupine only offered 5 episodes. Omar Sy, who plays a burglar gentleman, has just revealed the release date for Part 2.

01/28/2021, 18:06

A new adaptation, and a new project for the Netflix platform, again. This time, the streaming giant has set its sights on the The Witch Boy series of books, signed by American author Molly Knox Ostertag. It would result in an animated feature film, taking the form of a musical …

01/28/2021, 4:46 PM

Netflix announces the upcoming adaptation of a book by American author Nora Roberts, L’Emprise du vice, published under the original title Brazen Virtue in 1988. First translated in France under the title La Messagerie rose, by Presses editions de la Cité in 1992, the title was reissued by J’ai Lu in 2015, in a translation by Guillaume Le Pennec.

01/28/2021, 15:37

The American television channel HBO has offered the rights to adapt Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich’s book The Fact of a Body, published in France by 10/18 in a translation by Héloïse Esquié under the title L’empreinte. The book should become a mini-series broadcast on the network.

01/27/2021, 17:07

The famous theater company is overseeing the new staging of the Shakespearean play. Produced as a 90-minute feature film, it will air on Sky Arts and PBS next April.

01/27/2021, 4:11 PM

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, a video game project from developer Daedalic Entertainment, will finally take a little more time: the title should now be available only in 2022, announces a press release. No specific reason was given to explain the additional delay.

01/27/2021, 10:49 AM

The late announcement of such a project would be almost the most surprising: it would currently be making a series based on the Harry Potter saga for the Warner Bros. streaming platform, HBO Max. At a time when the pandemic has put the spotlight on home viewing and the Fantastic Beasts saga does not really shine in the cinema, a Harry Potter series is needed.

01/26/2021, 16:59

Superprod Animation is very proud to announce the launch of the production of Anna and Her Friends (78 x 7 min), a preschool animated series co-produced with Atmosphere Media, based on the comics by Anouk Ricard. The series was developed and produced for broadcast on Okoo, France Televisions’ children’s platform, and discussions are underway with other international channels.

01/26/2021, 12:33

The first volume is just appearing in France and volume 9 will be released on January 21 in Japan: Tsubasa Yamaguchi, the manga artist behind Blue Period, has just announced that her work will be adapted into an anime, in 2021. The publisher French, Pika, does not yet have more information about the studio, the date and the broadcast platform of this anime. But still …

01/26/2021, 10:46