The airline Qatar Airways, which grounded the A350s due to a deterioration of the surface of the fuselages, announced Monday that it had started legal proceedings against Airbus in British courts.

It is in court that the dispute between Qatar Airways and the airline manufacturer Airbus will be settled. The airline announced Monday that it had initiated legal proceedings against Airbus before the British courts to settle their dispute resulting from the grounding of around twenty Airbus A350s. In a statement, the carrier, one of the major customers of the European aircraft manufacturer, assures that it has “no other choice but to seek a rapid settlement of this dispute through the courts” and to have seized Monday the Haute Court.

“We have unfortunately failed in all our attempts to reach a constructive solution with Airbus concerning” the “accelerated degradation of the surface (of the fuselages) which has a negative impact on the Airbus A350”, explains the company, second in the Middle East after Emirates. These procedures aim to “guarantee that Airbus will henceforth respond to our legitimate concerns without further delay”, she explains.

According to Airbus, which recognizes a degradation of the paint that can expose an integrated metal mesh – intended to protect the aircraft in the event of a lightning strike on its fuselage made of composite materials – this situation has no consequences on safety in flight. Qatar Airways disputes this position and claims that Airbus rejects the proposed corrections. Asked by AFP, Airbus assured to be “ready to resort to legal action in order to resolve this dispute, faced with an erroneous characterization of the problems of non-structural surface degradation on certain A350s, the root cause of which has been identified” . “Airbus will continue to take all necessary measures to defend its position and its reputation,” continued a spokesperson.

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