A gray wolf of the European type (Canis lupus) asleep in a meadow. (Philippe Clément / Arterra / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It’s a first in over a century. A wolf corpse was discovered in mid-October on the edge of a road in Saint-Brévin-les-Pins, in Loire-Atlantique, the prefecture announced Thursday in a press release.

The body was found Friday, October 15 by the department’s road maintenance services on the edge of the RD 213, according to the prefecture.

At first taken for that of a dog, the corpse was taken to a veterinarian to be identified by his tattoo or its chipping, before being released. ? Be transferred to the premises of the technical services of Saint-Brà © vin-les-Pins.

On October 20, a technical service employee sent photos of the animal to a member of the Breton Mammalogical Group (GMB), then sent to the French Biodiversity Office ( OFB), “which confirmed that it was indeed a gray wolf of the species Canis lupus lupus”, according to the prefecture.

The animal was recovered by the Wolf Network of the OFB “for further analyzes to determine the origin of the individual and the causes of his death “, according to the same source. “The presence of the wolf in Loire-Atlantique is a first for nearly a century”, underlines the prefecture. A wolf had been photographed by a photo trapping device on May 14 in Jard-sur-mer, on the Vendée coast, about 120 km south of Saint-Brà © vin- Pines.

Considered to have been eradicated in 1937 at the national level, the wolf reappeared in the Mercantour park (Alpes-Maritimes) in 1992. The population of this protected species is nowadays. ?? hui estimated between 414 and 834 individuals, with a presence detected as far as Normandy and in the Center-Val-de-Loire. With, often, tensions between hunters, breeders and associations of defense of the environment.

Ref: https://www.liberation.fr