The announcement on Saturday, May 29, of the establishment of the Renault supplier by 2025 delighted the Douaisiens but disappointed the Dunkirk residents. Two thousand jobs will be created in Douai in a future electric battery factory of the Envision group.

“This is very good news in a basin where we have relatively high unemployment rates. “Frédéric Chéreau, the mayor of Douai, is delighted with the installation of an electric battery factory in his town, which will create 2,000 jobs. Since September, the Envision group hesitated between Dunkirk and Douai for its establishment in France. The company finally opted for Douaisis in order to be close to the factory of its biggest customer, Renault. “Industrial employment also creates a lot of induced jobs alongside […] we need to maintain employment, we rely a lot on the Renault plant, which is our economic heart. “The elected official wants to support this project locally so that” the inhabitants of Douaisis can be trained to work in this factory “.

It could be a great project for the Douaisis. He could develop our factory and above all make it sustainable.

At the Renault plant in Douai, the arrival of a new industrial activity is also a source of hope. The CGT secretary of the Georges Besse site, David Dubois, specifies: “It could be a very good project for the Douaisis. He could develop our factory and above all make it sustainable. When we see that we have been experiencing heavy periods of unemployment for more than ten years, it is sure that this could give our factory a big boost. […] There is fierce competition for electricity. Today, we are no longer the only ones on the market. If we want to perpetuate the site, we need small models at low prices. “

The city of Dunkirk is now less likely to deploy its “gigafactory”. This project aimed to develop a large electric battery industry for European customers, including Renault. “It’s a shame that Renault made this choice because Envision was won,” said the mayor of Dunkirk, Patrice Vergiete. This decision could cause the port city to lose the “gigafactory” by “weakening the Dunkirk dossier”.

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