TULANCINGO DE BRAVO, August 29 / HIDALGO NEWS /. – The academic staff of the Tolancego Polytechnic University (UPT) received another national award, this time with an invitation to the research professor of this study house, José Gabriel Ortega Mendoza, member of the jury for Area II: Technology, Innovation and Design for the National Science Award.

The above is the result of the professor’s academic career and highlights projects of national importance funded by both the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) and the Professional Development Program for Teachers (PRODEP); At the request of the study house, the invitation was received by the award committee.

It should be noted that the jury in each area of ​​the award consists of seven prominent members from each area of ​​educational institutions and organizations across the country; The National Science Award is the highest distinction given by the federal government through the Department of Public Education to individuals who have contributed to the advancement of science, technology and innovation through their production, teaching, research or publication.

The head of this Study House, Arturo Gil Borga, for his part, pointed out that this award is the result of the continuing work of the institution’s professors in the field of innovation, science and technology; This will allow UPT students to continue to approach the research carried out at the national level and then to participate in these calls with high impact projects; Because they have it as a reference for the great researchers in this study house.

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