More than one in three SMEs fear the end of the year. According to a survey published by the Confederation of SMEs (CPME), 34% of SMEs in France expect their situation to deteriorate in the second half of 2021 compared to the first. More than four in ten (41%) foresee an identical situation and 26% anticipate an improvement, according to the answers provided by 1,153 managers of SMEs and very small enterprises (TPE) between 18 and 31 August.

For the first semester, 39% report a deterioration compared to the previous quarter, against 32% who report an improvement. Recruitment difficulties, reported by 44% of responding companies, forced the majority of them (57%) to give up projects or contracts. Almost four in ten companies report a deterioration in their financial situation due to the health crisis, but it has improved for 22% of them.

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Asked by the government before the announcement of the end of the solidarity fund at the end of September for sectors linked to tourism (lists S1 and S1 bis) which can still benefit from it, 54% of business leaders said they wanted “a extension of state aid at the start of the 2021 school year “. This wish is expressed in particular by 73% of those “whose financial situation has deteriorated since the start of the crisis”.

In total, 18% of companies believe “do not have sufficient cash to repay the tax and social deadlines” which they have to face, and 23% say they have not set a repayment schedule for these deadlines.

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