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Sporting Club Albigeois go to Dax, a poorly classified which can wake up at any time as evidenced by its victory over Valence Romans.

Even in National, the reunion between Dacquois and Albigeois does not lack spice. This was the case in Top 14, in Pro D2 and it is also the same context at the third national level. Although Albi regularly invites himself to the finals, even if it means stumbling on the last step leading to Pro D2, US Dax is struggling to get involved in the fight. Same story this season with an SCA on the lookout for the first places, while the Landais, yet announced ambitious after a quality recruitment, eyeing for the moment on the bottom of the table like Bourgoin or Cognac Saint-Jean, other dented this start of the season.

However, there is no question of releasing ballast in the Albigensian ranks. “Dax is not a test, but he is a contender at the top of the table and I do not forget that they beat Valence Romans, the big team of the hen, asserts Mathieu Bonello, the manager of Sporting. we want to continue on our dynamic, that goes through successful away matches. “

Dominated in Nice at the end of a 0-point match, the SCA does not have unlimited room for maneuver, especially as the recruits who arrived in a dribble have not yet had the expected playing time, except Gillen Queheille, absent on the Côte d’Azur but important in the three other meetings played to date. “Of course it’s not the best thing that the rookies arrive at the last minute. Backhouse has been there for three weeks, Venter since this week and Hardwick has also arrived late. As for the Argentinian Gutierrez, we l ‘waits for next week. All these players must get in tune with those who were already present on July 5. We cannot throw them into the deep end like that and we will not turn for the sake of turning “, insists Bonello, who admits “very happy with its workforce”. True that the SCA have perhaps never been so well equipped in four years in all positions, but the staff do not want to cut corners. “For the moment, we are not announcing anything, we have no visibility. There were only four games and at the end of this block (reception of the Chambéry leader and trip to Suresnes of sinister memory Editor’s note) , we should know a little more. “

For now, it’s time for Dax, where it would be fashionable not to come back empty-handed.

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