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Mayor Al David Uy released Executive Order (EO) No. 291 on Sunday, which aims to reduce the increase in COVID-19 cases in the city as well Reside in neighboring local government units (LGUs).

Excluded from the EO are top-rated Department of Tourism (DOT) resorts that may continue to operate as they have been certified to pass the agency’s Staycation program. </ "As a precautionary measure to prevent an uncontrollable increase in COVID-19 transmission, all resort operations (inland and beach) and all tourist activities in the island garden city of Samal must be temporarily suspended," said David in the EO.

As of Saturday, Igacos has 21 active cases out of a total of 357 COVID-19 cases. A total of 322 have recovered while 14 died.

Uy said they are protecting Igacos from the National Capital Region and neighboring LGUs, particularly Davao City, which are reporting an increase in cases as well as the emergence of new COVID-19 variants

“We need to balance public safety with economic recovery to keep people safe from the transmission of COVID-19,” said Uy.

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