Cristiano Ronaldo’s comeback to Old Traford could see some disruption. An unusual action could indeed spoil the celebration of the Red Devils.

Everyone has only been talking about this for a few weeks. The big comeback of Cristiano Ronaldo is on everyone’s lips and all of Manchester are waiting to see the Portuguese star’s big debut in the Red Devils tunic. If he’s not sure to start the game, the Funchal native should grab his first few minutes.

With the whole of England in turmoil, the return of CR7 could be somewhat disrupted. According to the Daily Mail, a group of feminists are planning to sabotage the long-awaited return of the five-fold Golden Ball.

The reason ? The outing is reportedly intended to draw attention to the alleged rape case involving the former Real Madrid striker in 2009 and which was closed ten years later for lack of evidence. While Ronaldo has always denied the charges, the case continues to follow him.