In your top 10 love movies to watch and replay without moderation, there are probably Dirty Dancing, Out of Africa, Gone With the Wind, Sissi, and A Star Is Born. But did you know that Bradley Cooper’s movie almost looked much different?

You are probably aware that A Star IS Born is not an “original” film. This is the remake of a cult film released in 1937. Film which has also had the right to many adaptations since its release and in particular two monuments: with Judy Garland in 1954 and Barbara Streisand in 1976.

Another adaptation almost saw the light of day long before that of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

During an interview with Extra magazine, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she was actively involved in an A Star Is Born remake project. And she was developing this project with another famous actor and singer: Will Smith.

The two stars abandoned the project in 2013 for various reasons. Clint Eastwood then seized the idea and wanted to see Beyoncé and Leonardo Dicaprio play in it. This project did not come to fruition either, thus leaving all the latitude to Bradley Cooper to imagine his own version of the film.

We must admit, if we love the film A Star Is Born released in 2018, we regret not knowing what the remake would have looked like with Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith. Because we love these two actors on the one hand. But also because the bias was to reverse the roles in the scenario. Jennifer Lopez would have camped the international star, and Will Smith the beginner discovering the glory.

Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born film has received an avalanche of awards, especially for the song Shallow, and in any case will have truly launched Lady Gaga’s acting career. This opened many doors for her and in particular the main role of the film House of Gucci which could well earn her the Oscar for best actress in 2022.