The alert was given this Sunday morning at 7 am by residents: a seal stuck between the rocks, on the site of the Grande Chaloupe. Firefighters and members of the Globice association are on site. Scientist and veterinarian have assessed the animal’s state of health and are now considering the appropriate measures to take to get the animal out of this situation.

The animal is an elephant seal, female, of undetermined age, which measures approximately 2 meters. The Globice association specifies “that it is rare for this species to be observed in our latitudes”, even if precedents have already been recorded in Reunion.

The seal is stuck between two rocks, but according to the first observations of the professionals, it does not show any apparent serious external lesions. After being re-wetted, the animal showed renewed vigor which suggests a potential refloating at sea.

Currently, workers are waiting for straps to allow this operation in good safety conditions for the seal and those who will handle it.