At the Lavoisier school in the Rochelais district of Villeneuve-les-Salines, it’s time to pack. In a few days you have to move, join another school in the neighborhood for two years. Time for the city to completely rebuild this 50-year-old establishment.

In the meantime, the 225 preschool and elementary school children will study at another school, located a few hundred meters away. According to the city’s press kit, the neighborhood recreation center, housed in the school, is moving temporarily to the Condorcet school group for extra-curricular accommodation, Wednesdays and school holidays. A temporary solution is found for the beginning of summer.

Last days in Lavoisier. One eye on the students, another on the boxes: in recent days, it’s been a lot of gymnastics for the teachers of this school located in the priority education network (REP). Léna Pauly is the principal of elementary: “we put in boxes all the teaching material that we have accumulated over the years, all the school supplies. We have a color code for each class, which we will find in our new school. . It’s a lot of logistics, but it’s very well organized with the town hall. “

A 500-meter jump to another school in the district, Barthélémy-Profit, which has large unused areas. The operation was a year late, but that’s good because it helped to sort out the smallest details. The move does not worry Sandrine, Atsem, assistant to a kindergarten teacher: “we are happy to go to a new school, renovated and full of colors. We went to have a little picnic with the children, and not bad !”

Important point: the Lavoisier school will continue to operate in its own right, in a dedicated part of the Barthélémy-Profit buildings. Children will continue to hang out with adults they know. What to keep some benchmarks. But why leave? The question occupies a lot of children.

“Why do we have to deconstruct this school?” Report to the Lavoisier school in La Rochelle

“It makes me sad because I really liked this school” says Livio, in CE2. He will never see school again, like his little friends around him. “I love it, it’s been my school since I was born, continues Djamila. In addition, we have a very good teacher!” As for Romaïs, he wonders: “I do not understand: why we have to deconstruct it? I find that this school is indeed!”

The headmistress of elementary school knows very well that this move is inevitable: “for some time now, we have seen leaks, walls that are cracking, describes Léna Pauly. And even more since we are getting closer to the move! As if the school felt things were happening … “The school is 50 years old, born at the same time as the district of Villeneuve-les-Salines. Manhandled by the ancient marshes on which its foundations rest, it cracks. And saving it seemed too costly. Too bad for the pretty frescoes on the facade, created with the children …

The site will not be long in starting, scheduled for July 19. The promise is to be able to come back in just two years. A perspective that enchants Dominique, responsible for the animators for lunch at Lavoisier: “I see beyond the move, I see a great, modern school, and it will be magnificent!”

It is true that the architect’s view is beautiful: an eco-designed building, with a green roof, to emphasize the link to nature and the surrounding marshes. Delivery scheduled for September 2023. Within a year, the city will embark on another project: the complete renovation of the Paul-Doumer school, whose children will be accommodated during the work in a temporary school made of modular premises.

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