The PlayStation 5 Pro could be released by 2023-2024 according to a leaker, and be offered at a much higher price than the current model. We may have to start saving money.

The PlayStation 5 is still hard to find, but that doesn’t stop leakers from hinting at the next model in the line. One of them claims to have obtained confidential and proprietary information about the PS5 Pro.

Information that it will of course be preferable to take with a minimum of distancing. Not social this time.

These rumors, therefore, emanate from several different sources. Sources with which the YouTuber behind this alleged leak has been collaborating for several years. A point of course difficult to verify.

According to these famous sources, Sony has every intention of launching a PlayStation 5 Pro in the near future. The period chosen by the firm would therefore be between 2023 and 2024, i.e. within two to three years. Knowing that the PlayStation 5 was released last year, in 2020, we would stay on a 3-4 year cycle.

Not surprisingly, this console would be more powerful and it would thus be powered by a new SoC provided by AMD. Sony is also likely to focus on 4K and 8K gaming.

However, this increased power should also translate into a higher rate, a rate that would reach $ 600 or $ 700. A significant increase, in short, which could be explained in particular by the increase in the manufacturing costs of the console. As a reminder, in the United States, the PlayStation 4 Pro was offered around $ 399.

On a more technical level, our leaker expects the PS5 Pro to be equipped with a new APU and a new CPU, with 5nm engraving and an architecture based on RDNA and Zen. The TDP of the console could thus exceed 300 W, which would partly explain the increase in its price. It would indeed be more difficult to manufacture.

The leaker also believes that the PlayStation 5 Pro will be able to take advantage of FSR technology.

So of course, all this information is to be taken in the conditional. Now, it would make sense if Sony ended up offering us a PlayStation 5 Pro. We just have to hope that the firm will have resolved its supply problems beforehand.