TF1 should have offered the four episodes of the mini-series A Perfect Mother on Monday 6 and 13 September. Having decided to deprogram the first two in order to pay tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo, the channel chose not to broadcast all of the fiction until later.

To pay tribute to Jean-Paul Belmondo (to whom Jean Dujardin, in particular, paid a particularly touching tribute), who died on Monday, September 6, many channels have changed their programs to offer certain films of which he was the star. Thus TF1 proposed Itinerary of a spoiled child instead of the mini-series A perfect mother carried by Julie Gayet (which made the father of her children participate a lot in their education), which gives the reply in particular to Tomer Sisley (hero of the Balthazar series). La Une should have offered Monday, September 6 the first two episodes of this fiction which has four and offer the last two parts Monday, September 13. The question now is when the channel will finally air its A Perfect Mother series.

Rather than taking the risk of sending the four episodes in a row on Monday, September 13, which would no doubt also have reduced the chances of reaching a large audience, TF1 has in fact chosen to repackage its work and only offer it later. Instead of episodes 3 and 4 of A Perfect Mother, she chose to broadcast That Day by a previously unreleased film by Josephine, Guardian Angel. On the other hand, the mini-series A French affair devoted to the Gregory affair will indeed be offered from Monday, September 20, as the channel announced on August 31.

In the days to come, it is likely that the channels will continue to pay homage to the monster of French cinema, Jean-Paul Belmondo (who had suffered a terrible tragedy) instead of what they initially announced. As for the unitary TV movie Deux femmes that France 2 should also have offered on September 6, it is likely that the channel quickly finds a place in its program schedule to offer it to its viewers. How she will probably find a way to make up for the slight delay she has taken in broadcasting So Great Sunshine, since the tribute to the late comedian prevented the daily soap from being broadcast.

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