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January 11, 2022,
by Press Club.

The CCIJP (Commission of the Identity Card of Professional Journalists) has just renewed its members (for three years) and its office.
37 years after Nicole du Roy (first and only journalist president), Catherine Lozac’h, print journalist, after having been regional correspondent then first instance commissioner since 2015, will assume the presidency of the Commission in 2022.
She succeeds Claude Cordier who, for 10 years, alternated between the post of president and vice-president for the college journalists.
For the first time in its history, a trio of women has been appointed to the head of the Commission with the election of Bénédicte Wautelet (employers ‘college) and Elisabeth Braconnier (journalists’ college) as vice-presidents .

What are the stakes for this next 3-year term of office at the Carte Commission?
It should be remembered that the mission of the Commission is to grant the press card. There are often a lot of fantasies surrounding the Commission. Its direction is simple and clear: it does not say who is a good journalist, it says who is a professional journalist. It is also important to stress that, contrary to popular belief, the press card is not a given. You are a journalist for a year, which gives even more value to this essential tool for practicing.
The challenge at the start of this mandate will of course be to remain attentive to the consequences of the pandemic and the health restrictions so that they do not penalize journalists in their professional status.
The Commission will also have to continue to take into account the evolution of the media as well as the transformation of the practice of journalism itself to be consistent with the profession, while respecting the framework determined by law, the labor code and the collective agreement for journalists. It has been doing this for 86 years, by readjusting its criteria thanks in particular to the expertise of the elected or appointed commissioners who sit on it and who represent the diversity of journalism professions and forms of press. I have every confidence in his ability to continue to support the profession through its dynamic joint action and to take individual situations into account with fairness and benevolence.

An analysis on the elections which have just passed?
First of all, we are the only profession where such a democratic meeting takes place. Journalists choose from among their own, those to whom they entrust the responsibility for issuing the professional card. At the same time, employers appoint their representatives within their professional organizations, according to their weight in the profession. The Commission is therefore totally independent and truly representative of the profession.
For the first time, the elections took place at the same time as the renewal of the card. Despite the rebound in participation in 2018 and its stability for this election, it remains below our expectations. Maintaining the vitality of this meeting of the profession will also be one of my priorities for this mandate.

2022 is the second campaign for the dematerialized card application, where are we?
The bet is successful. One year after its implementation, the results of the dematerialization of the card request are positive. Over 98% of users have made the system their own. Journalists and employers alike can now prepare card applications online, monitor the progress of their file, edit seniority certificates. It took a strong mobilization within the Commission for this project to succeed. Today it allows the Commission to provide better service to the profession.

President: Catherine LOZAC’H (SNJ)
Vice-presidents: Bénédicte WAUTELET (SPQN) and Elisabeth BRACONNIER (SNJ-CGT)
General Secretaries: Guy DURIEUX (SMSP) and Yoann LABROUX-SATABIN (CFDT)
Treasurer: Kathleen GROSSET (FFAP)

BP 46 – 9 rue des Capérans
33025 Bordeaux Cedex
Phone. : 05 56 44 03 [email protected] Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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