Jogger pushed into the Rhône in Lyon: a 14-year-old suspect arrested, he “wanted to make a joke”

Lyon: the return of motocross rodeos in front of the town hall this Wednesday evening – VIDEO

Near Lyon: they get their hands on a shipment of nearly a million euros of cigarettes

Rodeos in Lyon: Grégory Doucet “left his genitals in the locker room” according to Jean Messiha

Lyon: the Confluence saturated this Saturday, the fault of cars or pedestrianization?

Play of the inhabitants-police officers: the municipal police of Lyon “no longer know whether to laugh or cry”

“Return to Morocco”: a complaint soon filed after xenophobic tags on the posters of Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

A biker would have lost control of his vehicle in Cublize, route du Lac. According to Le Progrès, he would have finished his race under the car which was coming in front.

The firefighters quickly arrived on site and took charge of the biker. He was helicoptered in absolute urgency to the Edouard-Herriot hospital in Lyon.

A fortnight ago, there were 7 deaths in avalanches in one weekend (12 if we count on the week), the weather is hardly fine, that’s it, there is relaxation … cluster in Gironde, I think that it will not be long to reconfigure itself for the month of August see July …

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