Since his arrival at the club in 2019, Ronan Oâ ???? Gara had never so frankly questioned the referee of a match, medically sâ ?? ??hears. Sunday September 5, after a new defeat (16-20) conceded to Marcel-Deflandre against Toulouse, the one who was appointed manager of the Stade Rochelais in July 2021 explicitly questioned Mr. Dufort. Especially about the final exclusion pronounced against Will Skelton in the 57th, for an arm contact on the head of Richie Arnold.

The World Rugby rule says that in this case the referee must take into account the degree of danger. If he’s weak it’s a simple penalty, if he’s average it’s a yellow card and if he’s been lifted, it’s a red card. The rule also says that “for any act of deliberate or very reckless fair play” there is no delay factor. nuation, which could have been the case, here, with the prior tackle of Kévin Gourdon which brings the Toulousain towards the ground. Moreover, if it is Skelton’s bicep which touches the face of his Australian compatriot, Mr Dufort speaks of “shoulder load” because for him, and according to the definition given by World Rugby, the arm of the Rochelais “is behind the body of the tackler […] during contact”.

This is where Ronan Oâ € ™ Garaâ € ™ s interpretation differs from that of the whistleblower: â € œThe Twickenham Red Card (from Lepani Botia, editor’s note) was red, red, red, red. Tonight (Sunday), for me, it’s maximum yellow card with the rule. There are circumstances that can reduce a red to yellow. It’s not the shoulder, it’s here (shows his arm) and there’s one knee on the floor. […] For 9 referees out of 10, it is a yellow card. ”Perhaps he then also thinks back to the headline of Romain Ntamack on the face of Jules Favre who, in the 28th , only resulted in a penalty kick (without any call to the video) against the red opener and black when neither player was down.

And the Irishman openly questioning the choice of M. Dufort to lead the debates between the last two finalists of the Top 14: “Why the French Federation (of rugby) send a guy who never did a test match on the biggest game of the weekend? I would like to know. There are a lot of experienced referees in this country, almost all the players are at international level but for me the game was way too big for him. Each performanceâ ?? ¦ What is a ruck? Normally you have to go out the door but… Tonight, it’s up to you. I’m not a sore loser, that’s just a question, I’d like to know. “

With such a declaration, it is a safe bet that the name of the La Rochelle manager will appear in the list of persons cited which will be communicated by the National Rugby League after this first day. e. Will Skelton’s will be there for sure and, after being suspended for 4 games last season for a high tackle on the head of a Montpellier, there? Australian risks big.