Hundreds of rare gold coins dug out of the walls of a remote French mansion fetched more than a million euros at auction on Wednesday.

Stonemasons discovered 239 pieces of gold minted before the French Revolution as They started renovating the property near Quimper in western Brittany, the auctioneers Ivoire / Deloys announced.

The family kept four coins as souvenirs and auctioned the rest in the western town of Angers with an estimated value of 250,000 to 300,000 EUR.

A very rare double Louis d’Or, depicting Louis XIV and dating from 1646, was advertised for EUR 8,000 at EUR 8,000. It cost 46,000 euros, the same price as a Louis d’Or from Paris from 1640 and stamped with the Templar cross.

“Bids flew from everywhere – in the hall, on the Internet and on the phone,” said auctioneer Florian D ‘ Oysonville.

The 2019 find was only reported now after the owners commissioned the auction house with the sale.

The proceeds were to be shared between the owners and the three artisans who found the gold.

D’Oysonville told AFP that the coins hidden in a metal box likely represented the savings of a wealthy trader or landowner.

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