World Fire ravages 20-story building in Milan

FLAMES The emergency services did not count any casualties. However, while optimistic, firefighters continue to check every apartment

The fire is spectacular, but luckily no casualties. A 20-story residential building was ravaged by flames on Sunday in
Milan, announced the aid without mentioning victims. About 70 families reside in the building.

The building on the southern outskirts of the Lombard capital in northern Italy caught fire on the upper floors around 5.30 p.m. “The flames then spread to the lower levels,” causing thick smoke, the firefighters said on their Twitter account. “Residents of the building were reached by phone. There are no reports of missing, ”they said in the evening.

“Firefighters move from apartment to apartment, breaking down the doors to make sure no one is left inside. But we are optimistic because there has been time to get out, “said Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala, as quoted by Il Corriere della Sera. According to the daily, about twenty tenants were slightly intoxicated.

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