Scallops, oysters … The shells are in the spotlight on your holiday tables. But this year, you can take them back to your fishmonger. They will be recycled and crushed. Their virtues are highly valued especially in agriculture and even in cosmetics.

You may be able to put the table back on this midday, when the basket last night is not completely finished. But once swallowed, know that you can, in some places in Toulouse, recycle empty oyster shells. This is the project of a Toulouse-based Providentiel Coquillages start-up based in Ramonville-Sainte-Agne (Haute-Garonne).

A few hours before Christmas, Daniel Moukoko came to drop off a large brown bin with yellow labels in the halls of Victor Hugo. With a certain pride since it is the culmination of his project: “it is a trash can to recycle oyster and scallop shells, it is an operation that is in the process of being carried out in Toulouse, but also in Paris, but more in Toulouse because we are Toulouse “.

“The idea is to encourage individuals to bring back their shells after the holidays.” – the founder of Providentiel Coquillages

Daniel Moukoko is an artist but he had entrepreneurial reflexes: “I saw one of my cousins ​​giving shells to his chickens, I said to myself” ah yeah? Can that be used for that? “And yes, the calcium present in the shells helps strengthen the bones of the chicks.

Less than 5% of the 150,000 tonnes of oysters consumed each year are recycled today. Kamel Chiboutz was well aware of this. So when he was contacted by Providentiel Coquillages, the manager of La Marinière on the Victor Hugo market in Toulouse was up for it.

He hopes to get a lot back – of the 2,000 oysters he sold this week: “Customers just need to get used to not necessarily throwing out the oysters after consuming them. But it should be okay because some have already these little habits of transforming their oyster shells “.

Crushed shells are not only used to feed chickens. They can also be used in cosmetic products, where mother-of-pearl is very popular, and natural fertilizers.

The shell particles, rich in trace elements, neutralize the acidity of the soil, promoting crops. They can also be used in gardening, as a natural mulch to protect plants.

In Toulouse, four fishmongers are partners: in Saint-Cyprien, the Fishmonger of happiness and two addresses at the Victor Hugo market – la marée Toulousaine and la Marinière. And then not far away, rue Bayard, chez Jeannot. You have until the beginning of January to deposit your typos at one of these four addresses.

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