“Small dogs can make a big difference, too.” It is with this campaign slogan that the new mayor of Dawson City, a small town located in western Canada, won over his voters. Or maybe it’s more his adorable little face, because the new edile, Gus, is a two-year-old Border Collie crossbreed.

TO?? Following the municipal elections of October 21, the residents of this Yukon city were invited to vote for a parallel municipal council, made up entirely of … animals. While elected officials do not acquire political office, the Dawson Municipal Dog Council Elections campaign has raised funds for a good cause.

Even if the name of the competition puts the dogs in the spotlight, the election was open to all animals. Elaine Corden, the organizer of the poll, was initially opposed to the participation of cats. According to her, they were more likely to become dictators. But feline enthusiasts objected to the decision.

Among the 64 candidate animals, there were therefore cats and even an alpaca, known under the name of Mr. Yeti. His proposals, as Dawson’s only “long-necked weed eater”, were to offer free weed for everyone and woolen sweaters for the kids.

Despite these courageous applications, dogs remain the darlings of the inhabitants. To support Gus, the neo-mayor, four huskies were elected city councilors. “It clearly reflects the husky’s place in Dawson’s history,” says Elaine Corden. In this town not far from Alaska, where it is bitterly cold for months in the year, sled dogs are popular.

To register their animal in the ballot, owners had to pay 5 dollars for the election of city councilor and 10 dollars to pretend for the title of mayor. The funds raised were donated to the Humane Society Dawson, a shelter that cares for abandoned or abused animals. The 350 voters were also invited to donate and $ 4,000 was raised in total.

In the city, the election gave rise to a genuine campaign poster competition. Each candidate had a more creative poster than the other. The programs and slogans were also filled with strong proposals. Some candidates promised, for example, mandatory daily naps or, like Groucho, asked for “more balls”.

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