Make way for France Télévisions’ special “Coups de théâtre” operation! It is in this context that France 3 broadcasts from 9:05 pm this Monday, May 31 the play 7 years of reflection, adaptation of the eponymous Broadway comedy and its film released in 1956 with Marilyn Monroe. New and worn by Guillaume de Tonquédec, notably on the poster for La Garçonnière on France 2 in 2020, it is the assurance of having a great time in front of your small screen! Here are five good reasons not to miss this piece …

Want to travel? Here you are transported to Manhattan, in the opulent apartment of Richard Sherman (Guillaume de Tonquédec), a 40-year-old publisher. Our man is lonely since his wife and son fled the heatwave for a week by the sea. On this hot evening, Richard is sipping a drink on his balcony facing the city lights.

This man, married and faithful for seven years, will see his certainties waver when he is almost knocked out by a flowerpot that has fallen from the upper floor. His anger quickly dissipates when the manager (played by Alice Dufour) comes down to apologize. This starlet who shoots commercials has a pretty face, a dream body, conquering and liberated twenties … so many assets that disturb the distraught male!

Amandine Pellissard (Large families: life in XXL) finds her mother after a long argument! Guillaume Durand absent from the morning of Radio Classique: he gives reassuring news on Twitter Ophélie Meunier confides on her pregnancy: she makes a small update on the expectation of her second child! “Your strangled voice touches me and makes me feel good”: Anne Sinclair moved by the tears of a live listener (VIDEO) Ophélie Winter reveals that she has been offered to marry Prince Albert of Monaco (VIDEO)

Jade Lagardère never ceases to delight her fans. On May 29, 2021, the model posted on Instagram a photo of herself disguised as Amber Blake, the main character of the comic book of which she is the author.

Jade Leboeuf and Stéphane Rodrigues have been in Turkey for several days. They were to return this Tuesday, but finally encountered an unforeseen event that blocked them on the spot.

Author of several books denouncing the compromises of the pharmaceutical industry, Serge Rader had called for a boycott of the vaccination against Covid-19.

Before meeting and then marrying Cora Gauthier, Karim Benzema shared a story with Chloé de Launay, a young nurse. The latter even gave birth to the footballer’s first child.

The professor as media as controversial Didier Raoult has very badly digested a gesture that the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron had on January 1 and that he considers a betrayal.

Recently criticized for her new haircut, Maeva Ghennam has again caused a lot of talk. The reality TV contestant posted a very sexy lingerie pic on Instagram on May 30, 2021.

Eliminated from Koh-Lanta on Friday May 28, Laure reconsiders the attitude adopted by Jonathan during the orientation test. If some decry her, the eliminated adventurer understands her and does not hold it against her former red teammate.

On this Mother’s Day Sunday, Karine Ferri was overwhelmed by her children, Maël and Claudia, as we can see on Instagram where she also made a declaration of love to her own mother by sharing a photo of her child.

World tennis number 2 Naomi Osaka was fined $ 15,000 for refusing to attend a post-match press conference. And other sanctions are to come if it does not comply with the demands of the organizers.

POLITICS – According to the head of the regional election list of the National Rally, Thierry Mariani, the past of his co-campaign manager is “sympathetic”

The Covid-19 pandemic has not had all bad effects. The proof today is that it has given astronomers time to work on composing a splendid image of the heart of the Milky Way. A region which is the seat of phenomena of extreme violence.

The ultra-trendy full hair removal in the early 2000s is once again appealing to girls who love high-cut swimsuits. However, this aesthetic practice is not completely harmless …

Known for its affordable kit furniture and in-store dining space, the Swedish chain of furniture and home goods stores Ikea has a worldwide presence. In order to determine how customers can get the most out of their in-store experience, while making life easier for employees, Ikea interviewed current and former employees of the brand.

While Nagui is preparing to host Le Club des invincibles on France 2, this Saturday June 5 in prime time, our colleagues from Télé Cable Sat Hebdo asked him about his relations with his midday competitor, Jean-Luc Reichmann.

They scare Europe, are instrumentalised by Morocco, but are driven only by despair. Ten thousand migrants have fled to the Spanish enclave to escape extreme poverty, exacerbated by the almost total cessation of tourism and trade in times of pandemic. More than 7,000 adults have already been escorted to the border.

A flight attendant was recently struck by an angry female passenger on a flight from Sacramento to San Diego. The hostess lost two teeth in the incident. Quarrels between passengers and airline personnel are on the rise in the United States.

On Saturday May 29th on Instagram, it was a particularly radiant Émilie Nef Nan who hypnotized her many and many fans by posting a new photograph in which she revealed a dizzying cleavage.

It is a love story that will have had many repercussions on Audrey Pulvar. Often categorized as “wife of” Arnaud Montebourg, she had to face many pitfalls.

ASSAULT – The author of the stab (s) fled this Sunday morning from an Intermarché in Grenoble

An emblematic face of French cinema and theater, Guillaume de Tonquédec is also a man filled with love. Closer invites you to discover his wife, Christèle.