For better or for worse, 6ix9ine is back on social media. The self-proclaimed king of New York has been making bad buzz for several months, and one would have thought that with his time in prison, the relative fail of his last album, his various problems with the justice system (and we go) he was going to lay low. But it was not knowing Tekashi well.

A few weeks ago, images were circulating of him in the lowest of his physical form, far from the bright colors that we know him. But this episode seems far behind him, at least in appearance. Indeed, the rapper from NYC has just posted a video on Instagram in which we see him, in the studio, again adorned with his rainbow colors, in the process of ambience on what looks very much like a new track. ..

But the best part is still the legend: “are you ready? 100,000 comments if you want that! I disappeared long enough to show you that the internet is boring without me!”, Writes 6ix9ine in capital letters with lots of smileys … Whatever the future holds, it looks like we still have some work to do in Tekashi.

This return comes as several documentaries on the artist have either been released or are on the way. Everyone tries to unravel the 6ix9ine mystery, between lack of love and current society which glorifies the “bad guys”. You can see the trailer for the latest report right here:
News – 6ix9ine is back on the networks: “internet, it’s boring without me”