6ix9ine does not stop any more, following his return on Instagram, his confusion with Meek Mill, his new single “Zaza” then the recent death threat launched by 600Breezy, the sulphurous American rapper never ends not talk about him for a few days and still continues the provocations against the rappers with his last video which will again attract the wrath of other artists.

The very serious threats of 600Breezy against 6x9ine on the weekend during a live on Instagram, “I’ll go to jail when I meet you” he had notably warned Tekashi 69 at the end of their season. changes on the social network but that does not seem to have calmed it down. The Chicago rapper had not appreciated the references to the death of King Von and the disrespect for the late rapper who died in a shooting last November, but it didn’t do not appease the interpreter of the single “Gooba” who has just put a layer in a new video which should not fail to arouse reactions.

Indeed 6ix9ine showed up with a million dollar chain in its possession and sent the following message, “Rappers don’t play in the same category as I do, son. Look at this sea. I asked for a puta * n million for that puta * n chain. Look. And to all the rappers who put a picture of their dead friends on the back of their fucking channels. While you put pictures of your dead friends, I put chopsticks on the back of my chain, on both sides. Look, look at me. To all the promoters, the DJs, the scammers, the dealers, when you walk around with them… what are they wearing son? ” he said in a long monologue while presenting his jewel.

“Their little chains there… Their chains with the name written on them… they all have Cartier bracelets. Yo listen, if you got a Cartier watch, get out of the club when I come up with that sh * t. Look at this sea. It’ll run for the rest of the video. Gangsta! Until the end of the video, that sh * t is gonna be spinning son. Look at that fucking chain, look! It’s fucking waterproof. To all the scammers, drug dealers, rappers, when I walk into the club with this channel, put yours away. ” he then concluded.

6ix9ine Unveils Its New Jewel: A Chain Worth $ 1 Million! ð ?????? pic.twitter.com/VYibE6NUV8

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