This Sunday August 29 from 5:20 pm, Xavier de Moulins will invite you to follow a new issue of the magazine “66 minutes” on M6. Here are the reports that will be broadcast this week.

Long considered old-fashioned, dried flowers are making a comeback in florists, decoration stores and on social networks we can no longer see them …

Next Thursday is already back to school and for parents this represents a significant budget. More and more families have decided to turn to discount stores or clearance stores to hunt for bargains.

The small town of Etretat in Seine-Martime is a victim of its success … Almost a million tourists a year. The traders rub their hands but the inhabitants can no longer take it and they organize themselves to counter this infernal flow.

To extend the holidays a bit, head to the Cyclades archipelago in Greece. Santorini, Ios, Paros, many French people rushed there this summer for a meeting in paradise.

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