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SAO PAULO, Brazil – At least 58 cities in the southeastern Brazilian State of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais have decided to cancel the 2022 Carnival celebrations for fear of COVID-19 outbreaks, the local press reported on Tuesday.

The famous Brazilian festival was held in 2021 amid the second wave of COVID-19 Infections and deaths in the South American country have been canceled.

According to local press reports, four cities in Minas Gerais and 54 in Sao Paulo decided to cancel the celebrations this year as well, including Franca, Sorocaba, Suzano, Botucatu, Poa and Mogi das Cruzes.

“During Carnival, people come and go from all over the country. We can no longer take any risks after what we have suffered from the pandemic, “Franca Mayor Alexandre Ferreira told reporters.

In addition, several cities are facing a financial crisis, including Poa and Sorocaba, theirs Eliminated subsidies for the 2022 Carnival.

The city of Sao Paulo will move forward with its official parade in the Sambadrome and its street parties, for which 867 neighborhood groups have signed up.

Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian most famous for its Carnival celebrations City, has also confirmed plans for this year’s event.