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Florent Pagny was received by Nikos Aliagas this Saturday May 8 for the preparation of his new album, which will be released next September. For 50 Minutes Inside, he returned to key moments in his life, including one that made him “uncomfortable”.

Nikos Aliagas

Florent Pagny

He is preparing his 20th album with Calogero for his 60th birthday, L’avenir, whose first single, L’Instinct, has been released, and has also taken over his coaching chair from The Voice. This Saturday, May 8, Florent Pagny was the guest of Nikos Aliagas in 50 Minutes Inside. During the interview, in the course of several discussions on his professional but also personal career, punctuated by key dates in his life, Florent Pagny gave a little feedback on a moment that was not easy to live with. This is a speech during the Victoires de la Musique.

On February 14, 2020, Florent Pagny presented the Victoires de la Musique as Honorary President for the 35th ceremony. “That’s the kind of time I’m not very comfortable with,” he said, watching her take the stage. That evening, he surprises with an improvised speech on the music industry and its developments.

“Very soon, we artists, we will no longer have an intermediary. We will be in direct line with the public. Each artist will have his platform. He will be the owner of himself,” he says to open the ceremony . While watching the video of his performance, Florent Pagny laughs: “What makes me laugh is that I have the whole room full of intermediaries, record companies, all this industry, all this environment and somewhere I’m telling them bah for you it’s over soon. ”

When Nikos Aliagas asks him why he did not opt ​​for a more consensual speech, Florent Pagny explains that his speech was misinterpreted. “I tell myself that if I have to make an opening speech, at least tell something that corresponds to the moment and in 35 years we have seen this industry squander,” lamenting a “streaming concept”. So he explains that it was more of a message of hope that ultimately may not have been fully understood.

He even admits that he took time to listen to his speech afterwards. The latter had also been widely criticized on the Web, where Internet users had not hesitated to make fun of him with the famous expression “ok boomer”.

Nikos Aliagas

Florent Pagny

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