It’s not just movies and series that are scary on Halloween night. Books can also plunge you into a dark, disturbing, terrifying atmosphere … Here we invite you to discover the 5 horror novels to scare yourself on Halloween …

Our first book is called “THAT”. This is one of the great classics, especially after the release of the appropriate film by Andrés Muschietti.

“It all started just before the summer vacation when little Browers had his initials carved with a knife on the belly of his pal Ben Hascom. It all ended two months later in the sewers with the hellish pursuit of a creature. “

Stephen King – “THIS” – edition: the paperback – February 2002 – 800 pages.

Luna Park is also one of the 5 novels not to miss for Halloween. It is written by Bret Easton Ellis, American writer.

Five years after the dazzling Glamorama, Bret Easton Ellis changes gears and stages himself to become the central character of Lunar Park.

We remember the decadent characters Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) and Victor Ward (Glamorama), the man-made havens, glory and violence that were at the heart of their experiences. As if it were a question of dismissing a sulphurous reputation, mixing his own memories, his demons and the characters who inhabit his previous texts, Ellis decides with Lunar Park to embody himself a married man, father of a family, alive on a huge property in Midland County. Ultimately, a bourgeois life shared between the shopping center on Saturday afternoon, sessions with a therapist for couples and dinners with neighbors. A comic turnaround that turns into a nightmare. The narrator, Bret Easton Ellis, believes that Proust’s madeleines are tangerines, that his house in Elsinore Lane is haunted, that the specter is his dead father and perhaps also the murderous hero of American Psycho, that he must rediscover the simplicity of the sentences of his first novel … A hallucinatory and jubilant dream that mixes autobiography and astounding visions: Bret Easton Ellis plays with humor and virtuosity on the myth of the writer to write a powerful and masterfully mastered novel. Lunar Park appears almost simultaneously in the United States, England and France. The author will be present in France when the book comes out.

Bret Easton Ellis – Luna Park – edition: Robert Laffont, Pocjet – October 2005 – 472 pages

Appearances is available in film, but also in book. By the way, if you’ve watched the movie, read on, it’s just as captivating as the movie! What to do on Halloween night.

” What are you thinking about ? How do you feel ? Who are you ? What have we done to each other? What’s in store for us? So many questions that, I suppose, loom over all weddings, like threatening clouds. “

Amy, a pretty young housewife, and her husband Nick, a bar owner, make, by all appearances, an ideal couple. They left New York two years earlier to move to the small town on the banks of the Mississippi where Nick grew up. On their fifth wedding anniversary, returning home from work, Nick discovers indescribable chaos in their house: furniture overturned, picture frames with broken walls, and no trace of his wife. Something bad has happened. After he calls law enforcement to report Amy’s disappearance, the situation takes an unexpected turn. Every little secret, cowardice, daily betrayal in the life of a couple indeed begins to take on, under the ruthless eyes of the police, an unexpected importance and Nick soon becomes an ideal suspect. As he desperately tries to find Amy, he discovers that she too was hiding many things from her partner, some not serious and others more disturbing. While their marriage was not as perfect as it seemed, Nick is still far from realizing how their supposedly ideal couple was just an illusion.

Gillian Flynn – Appearances or Gone girls – edition: the paperback – October 2021 – 696 pages

We all (or almost) know the Frankenstein monster, so how about a book about it to properly celebrate Halloween?

Victor Frankenstein, a Geneva scientist, is picked up on the ice floe by a crew heading for the North Pole. Very tormented, he tells his story to the captain of the boat: some time before, he managed to give life to a superhuman creature. But she soon sows terror around her …

On an expedition to the North Pole, Robert Walton addressed letters to his sister in which he evoked the strange spectacle he had just witnessed from his boat: the discovery, on an iceberg, of a man in distress in his sleigh. . Invited to board, Victor Frankenstein recounts that he only came to venture here to catch up with someone – who is none other than the monstrous creature he once created, and who has proved to be formidably criminal. .

This novel is also one of the top 5 must-see books for Halloween! More so for children, it will allow them to share a good time with the family.

Le Vallon (1946): Lady Angkatell invites a few friends to spend the weekend in her sumptuous property in Le Vallon. When we find the body of Doctor John Christow floating on the surface of the swimming pool and, on the edge, his wife, prostrate, holding a gun in her hand, all the guests are in shock!

Halloween Crime (1969): October 31st is Pumpkin Festival! To mark the occasion, novelist Mrs Drake is organizing a party for the village children. “One day I witnessed a murder,” boasts Joyce, a hung-out girl. Of course, no one takes her seriously. Yet it was his body that was found in the library. For Hercule Poirot, these cases are routine. But too obvious simplicity can turn out to be more complex than it seems. The famous detective finds here opponents to his measure.

Agatha Christie – The Crime of Halloween or The Pumpkin Festival – edition: the paperback – October 2015 – 672 pages

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