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NORTH COTABATO – Four suspected members of the terrorist group Dawlah Islamiyah , responsible for the recent bombing of a passenger bus in the town of Aleosan, were killed in a clash with security forces in a village on the outskirts of the town of Carmen on Saturday 602nd Infantry Brigade under the command of Colonel Jovencio Gonzales conducted pursuit operations against the suspects

Uy said that a five-year-old boy was killed and six other passengers injured of the suspect killed, identified as Norodin Hassan, was believed to be the mastermind of the bus bombing orchestrated by the terrorist group after the bus company refused to give in to the lawless armed group’s blackmail.

Gonzales said two of the Other suspects killed have been identified as Abdonilah Hassan and Abdonhack Hassan, who are said to be members of a local terrorist cell led by Norodin Hassan operating in North Cotabato and nearby areas of Maguindanao province.

He said the local Terrorist group reportedly has ties to a foreign ISIS extremist group built, which served as a financier for the local terrorist group to carry out terrorist attacks and atrocities in Central Mindanao.