From August 30, the speed will be limited to 30 km / h in almost all streets of Paris, against 50 currently. Other cities have already taken this step. This is the case of the city of Bègles (Gironde) which implemented this limitation two years ago.

In Bègles, in the Gironde, 90% of the road has been limited to 30 km / h for two years. But today, between a reduction in noise for residents and a waste of time for motorists, the measure is still divisive in the town. “Sometimes I can go home at 6.30 p.m. while at 50 km / h, I could return at 15”, regrets a driver.

In 2019, the town hall of Bègles had imposed 30 km / h on the whole city before adjusting its device by passing a few streets in a shopping area to 50. “Reducing speed also makes it easier for pedestrians to move around. and cyclists “, comments Pierre Ouallet, deputy (Les Verts) at the town hall. According to a study, this measure would reduce accidents by 10 to 40% and noise pollution by half. Concerning pollution, a vehicle emits more at 30 than 50 km / h according to a study, however to be qualified. In Paris, 59% of inhabitants are in favor of the generalization of zones 30.

broadcast on 08/29

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